Legs That Cannot Walk Chapter 57, Release Date and Read Manga Online

Legs That Cannot Walk Chapter 57 is expected to release soon in the upcoming week. Viewers are very excited and eagerly waiting.

Legs That Cannot Walk is a manhua written and illustrated by Black Apricot. It has been published by Lezhin. The story follows, a retired boxer, Kwon Soo-young, who discovers that he has to pay off his father’s debt when Park Tae-Seung hunts him down.

More About Legs That Cannot Walk 

The manga centers on Kwon Soo-young, a retired boxer, who always practicing hard at boxing. Since his injury, he was not able to walk properly anymore. Another one, Park Tae-Seung, is extremely violent at identifying Soo-young. He always began punching him and then apologizes. Song Ji-sung, who always looking for Soo-young. They both have been in a relationship in the past. After retires from a boxing injury and rejects Ji-sung’s affection, Soo-young comes to work for Tae-Seung to pay off his father’s debt.

Soo-young continues after setting back in boxing. He apologized to people who accidentally bump into him. He also sees that Ji-sung practicing hard. He then comes across and gets kidnapped by Tae-Seung.

Legs That Cannot Walk Chapter 57

Park is threatening Kim for borrowing money and then betraying him by going to Zhou. On the other hand, Tae-Seung imagine that they may have a traitor on their side. Moreover, Ji-sung and Tae-Seung become aware of one another. Otherwise, Soo-young is more comfortable around Tae-Seung.

Legs That Cannot Walk Chapter 57 Release Date 

This manhua is one of the most popular manhuas of all time. It is getting good responses from the people. As the manga is full of action, romance, and psychological, that attracted many viewers. It is receiving a lot of love and appreciation from the audience. They are eagerly waiting for the new chapters. Now the wait is over for the fans and here the countdown starts as only a few days are left. So, Chapter 57 is more likely to premiere soon in the upcoming week.

Read Manga Online 

You can able to read Legs That Cannot Walk online on Lezhin Comics and Manga Kio.

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