Sakamoto Days Chapter 43: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Sakamoto Days Chapter 43 has been released on October 17, 2021. You can read all the latest chapters of this manga on Viz and Manga Plus.

Sakamoto Days is an action-comedy manga series published by Shueisha. Japanese manga author and artist Yuto Suzuki is the writer and illustrator of the series. Viz Media and Manga Plus simulpublishes the series in English. Viz Media has announced that they will release the printed volumes of the series in English starting in spring 2022.

The series was nominated for Best Print Manga at the 2021 Next Manga Awards and was placed 9th out of 50 nominees. It has also won the U-NEXT prize.

About Sakamoto Days

Tora Sakamoto is the leading character of the manga series. He used to be a deadly hitman who earned legendary status in the underworld. He fell in love with Aoi and started dating her. He gave up a life of wealth and crime to marry her. After his retirement, he has gained a lot of weight. Now Sakamoto is a humble convenience store owner. In serious situations, he loses all his fat and becomes twice as powerful as before.

Other main characters are Shin and Lu Xialong. They work as employees at Sakamoto’s convenience store. Shin is an ex-hitman who admires Sakamoto. He has the mind-reading ability. Lu Xialong is the daughter of a Chinese mob. Even though she does not do much fighting, she is a very capable fighter. Her fighting style is a mixture of Tai Chi and Drunken Fist.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 43 Release Date

It has been released on October 17, 2021. The chapter is filled with action. Fans are very excited to read the latest chapter. Viz Media and Manga Plus release new chapters once a week, on Sundays.

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 43

Where to Read Online

You can read Sakamoto Days chapter 43 on Viz and Manga Plus. You can read all chapters of the series for free at the Manga Plus website and app. The first three chapters are free on Viz. If you want to read the rest of the chapters on Viz, you will need a Shonen Jump membership.

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