Dr Stone Chapter 214: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Dr Stone Chapter 214 is about to release on 17th October 2021, Sunday. Fans are very excited about the release of the episode!!

The Hydroelectric Plant Power Experiment starts with Ukyo yelling at the Science Kindom Crew that they have a dam in Dr Stone Chapter 214. Senku and the Science Kindom’s journey to the moon is revealed by Dr Stone. We saw Ukyo, Chrome, and Kaseki working on something in the most recent Dr Stone Chapter, and it appears that this is a new attempt to manipulate the water to create energy.

When Senku and Kohaku were not there, they were discussing Ruri’s work with the people. Dr Stone Chapter 214 states that the amount of labour in the field had risen, and the scientist was considering hiring more people. On the other hand, we observed Gen conversing with the newly resurrected team. The meal was prepared by Francoise and other cooks for everyone.

About the Series:

Gen and the kids decided to research the novel further. The book also disclosed the construction of the lunar rocket and the secret gadgets that transformed people into stones. They also discussed why man is on the moon. Gen might be observed describing everything as if it were a song.

Chelsea and Ryusui had also spoken up over Gen’s talks. They thought Gen was enthralling the populace by giving them thrilling stories about Senku. Ryusui also discussed his desires, and Sai knows that this is something Ryusui will never stop talking about. When it was time to learn math, we saw an image of Sai playing a game. But it was this that compelled him to study more.

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Senku’s crew was taken aback when he said they wouldn’t watch TV shows, and they both pondered what they would watch instead. We saw some photographs of the boat coming, and Sai was shocked. Taiju arrived and greeted Senku while performing their fist-pumping meeting greeting.

Dr Stone Chapter 214

Dr Stone Chapter 214 Release Date:

The famous comic series is about to release on 17th October 2021, Sunday.

Where to Read it Online

You can easily read the series on the Manga Plus application that can be downloaded from the Google play store and Apple store.

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