Solo Leveling Chapter 171: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Solo Leveling Chapter 171 is expected to be released on October 21, 2021. Readers are excitedly waiting for new chapters to release.

Solo Levelling is a South Korean manga series revolving around action and fantasy. Chugong is the writer and illustrator of Solo Levelling as a web novel. The first chapter was released in November 2016 and since then the worldwide population has garnered their love and affection for this manga. It is published by D&C Media. Because of its sheer popularity, it has been translated into different languages.

Everything you need to know

The story is set in a world where a portal gets cracked open that was used to separate the world of humans and monsters. There are hunters introduced in the human world with exceptional powers and extraordinary minds to send back the monsters. Sung Jin-woo, who was one of the lowest-ranked hunters, after his reawakening from the dungeon incident has emerged as one of the most powerful hunters with enhanced powers.

We see in the upcoming chapters that Sung Jin-woo is now worried about the King of Death that are planning to return to earth. Sung Jin-woo is prepared to face the worst but since his family is also involved, he feels like if something will happen to them, he won’t be able to forgive himself. He visits Jin-Chul to make him aware of the danger approaching them. When this news becomes public, everyone starts panicking.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 171

Solo Leveling Chapter 171 Release Date

It is expected to be released around October 21, 2021. The release date is not completely confirmed. There might be some delay in the release date. But whatever happens, we all are excited for this new chapter to be released soon so that we can witness Jin-woo’s attempt in saving the world from the King of Death. The countdown begins and there are approximately 14 days left for the new chapters to hit reading websites and platforms.

Solo Leveling Chapter 171

Where to read?

The current official reading platform of Solo Levelling is Kakao Page Magazine. Reddit threats are also available for other online fans.

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