Overgeared Chapter 99: Release Date And Read Manga Online

Overgeared Chapter 99 release date was October 3, 2021. It is anticipated that fans will enjoy reading the latest chapters.

Developed by Saenal Park, Monohumbug, and Team Argo, Overgeared is a Korean action, adventure, and fantasy manga series. A similar novel by Saenal Park inspired this film. A version of the story has been serialized in Kakaopage. Tapas published the English translation of the manga series.


A slang term that means that someone is overgeared is someone who relies on items and tools instead of their abilities. As the manga series’ main character, Shin Youngwoo (also known as Grid in-game) takes the role of Shin Youngwoo. “Satisfy” is a popular virtual reality game where players face a life-changing experience when they find “Pagma’s Real Book”, a powerful item.

Overgeared Chapter 99

The grid becomes Pagma’s successor and a skilled Blacksmith after discovering Pagma’s Real Book. Grid was able to make powerful weapons no one else was capable of making with the item. This story focuses on Grid’s character development. Over time, his skills and abilities develop. An underdog becomes a hero in Overgeared.

Overgeared Chapter 99

Character development is slow in the manga series, but the plot is interesting. It may be boring for some readers to read the first few chapters due to the slow character development. Continue reading the manga to the end and you won’t be disappointed. There will be many surprises in the upcoming chapters.

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Overgeared Chapter 99 release date

Overgeared Chapter 99

The article appeared in Kakao’s Kakaopage magazine on October 3, 2021. There is no release date for the official translation of the article in English. The series will be published in English by Tapas starting September 18, 2021. On Saturdays, Tapas publishes new chapters of the series. One chapter was published on September 18, 23 chapters on September 25, and two chapters on October 2. There will be more updates in the coming months.

Where to Read Online?

On and the Tapas app, you can read all the latest chapters of Overgeared manga online. The novel can be read on Wuxcia’s official website if you are interested.

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