Kengan Omega Chapter 129: Release Date And Read Manga Online

Kengan Omega Chapter 129 is scheduled to release on October 6, 2021. Fans are excited to read the latest chapters of the manga.

Kengan Omega is a Japanese action, drama manga series written and illustrated by Sandrovich Yabako and Daromeon. The series is a sequel to the Kengan Asura manga series. It takes place two years after the Kengan Asura Events.

Shogakukan has serialized the series on its Ura Sunday website. The official English translation of the manga is published by Comiskey. The individual chapters of the manga series have been collected into 10 volumes as of September 2021.

About Kengan Omega

It follows the story of an aspiring martial-art fighter Narushima Koga. His goal is to take part in the legendary Kengan fights. In the underground world of Kengan matches, Narushima starts working under Yamashita Kazuo. Narushima’s path crosses with mysterious fighter Gaoh Ryuki. Later Gaoh and Narushima will take part in Kengan Association VS Purgatory match on behalf of the Kengan Association.

Kengan matches follow bloody fights and the most radical rules. It takes place in a dark underworld where the rays of the sun will never reach. Kengan fighters are like gladiators. Large corporations, wealthy business owners, and merchants hire martial-art fighters and send them in organized matches to settle their conflicts. It is forbidden to fight outside the matches.

Kengan Omega Chapter 129 

The series has become one of the most popular and controversial Japanese manga series. It has become very popular for its cool illustrations and engaging storyline. Some dialogues between the characters of the series have created controversies. The creators of the series have created the manga from their perspective. When the creator’s perspective doesn’t match with some reader’s perspective, it could hurt their sentiments. That is exactly what happened when the boycott of Kengan Omega was trending on the internet.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 129 Release Date

It is scheduled to release on October 6, 2021, on Ura Sunday (Japanese version) and Comiskey (English version). They drop new chapters of the series once a week, on Wednesdays.

Kengan Omega Chapter 129 

Where to Read Online

You can read it online on Comiskey.

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