Solo Leveling Chapter 170: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Solo Leveling Chapter 170 is going to release on October 14, 2021. Readers are excitedly waiting for new chapters to release.

Solo Levelling is an action-fantasy-based genre manga series that originated in South Korea. Chugong wrote and developed Solo Levelling as a web novel. The first chapter was released in November 2016 and even just after the release of the first few chapters it was loved by millions. Because of its worldwide popularity, this manga has been translated into various other languages and in English, it goes with the title Only I Level Up.

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The series is set in South Korea where a portal known as the gate is suddenly cracked open that was used for separating the world of humans and monsters. Now that the monsters could walk freely on earth and destroy all the cities of South Korea, hunters who have extraordinary powers were introduced to destroy the monsters. The hunters have to fight them in dungeons and they would sacrifice anything to save their city and their home.

The story centers on Sung Jin-woo, who is a hunter without any extraordinary superhuman powers. He is considered the weakest of all the other hunters. One day while he was trapped in a dungeon trying to fight with the monster while others were trying to escape, he almost died. He is suddenly awake and realizes he has achieved reawakening and now has extraordinary powers and strengths.

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Solo Leveling Chapter 170

Solo Leveling Chapter 170 Release Date

It is going to release on October 14, 2021. We all are excited for this new chapter to be released soon so that we can witness Jin-woo’s quest in proving himself worthy of the powers and opportunities are given to him. This series has all the elements one needs for a perfect manga. The countdown begins and there are only 11 days left for the new chapters to hit reading websites and platforms.

Solo Leveling Chapter 170

Where to read?

The current official reading platform of Solo Levelling is Kakao Page Magazine. Reddit threats are also available for other online fans.

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