Second Life Ranker Chapter 100 Release Date, and Read Manga Online

Second Life Ranker Chapter 100 is expected to release soon this week. Fans are amazed by this Korean manga and are waiting for the next one.

Second Life Ranker also known as Ranker, who lives in a Second Life. It is a fantasy fiction Korean Web Novel and Web Comic written by a Korean author Nong Nong and Sa Doyeon and adapted the same into manhwa/webtoon.

The story is all about Cha Yeon-woo, who is the main protagonist of the novel. Yeon-woo is a handsome and hardworking young man who greatly cherishes his family. He served in the army and later become a ‘player’ and reawakened as human blessed with the dragon bloodlines after receiving the powers from the pocket watch.

More About Second Life Ranker

Yeon-woo’s life is considered to be full of tragedies. When he was young, his father passes away and after, his mother become sick. When his mother is on bed, his younger brother dissapeared. Eventually, his mother passed away and there was no news of his brother for five years.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 100

In the novel, Yeon-woo had a twin brother who disappeared five years in the past. Later, a pocket watch is found which is left by his brother. Inside that, he discovered a hidden diary in which ” By the point you hear this, I suppose I shall be already lifeless..” was recorded. When he got the truth about his brother’s death, he takes revenge and fight with the enemies in the Obelisk.

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Second Life Ranker Chapter 100 Release Date 

It is one of the most popular manga series, and received a lot of love and appreciation from the audience. Fans are eagerly waiting for it’s new chapters. So, the countdown starts. As, Second Life Ranker Chapter 100 is going to premiere soon this week.

Second Life Ranker Chapter 100

Where to Read

Second Life Ranker Chapter 100 is available on Manga Clash, Manhwa Book Shelf. You can also catch it up on the Tapis website in English.

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