Kengan Omega Chapter 131 Release Date and Read Manga Online

Kengan Omega Chapter 131 is still not announced. But probably the release of this chapter will publish very soon, in a couple of weeks.

Kengan Omega also known as Kengan Ashura is a martial arts-based Japanese manga series. The series is written by Yabako Sandrovich and the series is illustrated by Doraemon. Initially, the series is published by Shogakukan. The series started in 2019 and till now it’s running with great success. The franchise already published 8 volumes that consist of more than 125 chapters.

Kengan Omega Chapter 131

About the Kengan Omega Manga Series

The manga Kengan Omega introduces us to Japan’s old martial arts. The plot of the series is situated in the Edo period of Japan. Here we see the so-called gladiator’s concept and gladiators fight among the whole of Japan. Here the rich and wealthy businessmen, owners organize the free-hand fight between these gladiators and entertained themselves to see those fights.

The main character of this manga is Yamashita Kazuo who is a normal guy. He is a salaryman and working for the Nogi group. On a usual day, he was watching a street fight between two free-hand fighters. Among them, one fighter is selected by the CEO of Nogi company. From this fight, the story takes a new way and obviously, from here the life of Yamashita changed a lot. So, it’s also a highly recommended series for manga lovers.

Kengan Omega Chapter 131 Release Date

The release date of Kengan Omega chapter 131 is still not updated yet. But probably the franchise may announce the release date within a few days.

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Kengan Omega Chapter 131

Where to Read?

You can read all the chapters of this manga from the Isekaiscan and Mangafreak platforms.

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