Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 202: Release Date, Raw and Read Manga Online

Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 202 will be released on 30 August 2021. Reiji Miyajima’s Rent-A-Girlfriend is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by him.

Since July 2017, it has been published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, and as of August 2021, it has been collected into twenty-two volumes. In North America, the series is licensed by Kodansha USA, which will release the first volume in English in June 2020.

Sumi Sakurasawa is the protagonist of the series. As of February 2021, it has been divided into two volumes. The manga will be published in North America by Kodansha USA. The manga had over 8 million copies in circulation as of April 2021.

Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 202

The Plot of Rent a Girlfriend

After a month of dating, Kazuya Kinoshita is dumped by his lover Mami Nanami. He then decides to rent a girlfriend named Chizuru Mizuhara, a gorgeous and lovely female, through an online dating app. However, he gives her a negative rating since he believes she was untrustworthy. When Chizuru chastises him for it, he learns she is crueler than he had anticipated. When Kazuya’s grandmother is admitted to the hospital after collapsing, he brings Chizuru with him, and his grandma is enamored by her beauty. To keep up appearances with his family and friends, Kazuya continues to rent Chizuru, but things become tricky when they realize they are next-door apartment neighbours and attend the same college. Other girls from the rental girlfriend company eventually join in as well.

Rent a Girlfriend 201 Highlights

Chizuru gives Ruka the condom package while waiting for others. The latter is taken aback when he sees it.

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She also warns her, embarrassed, that she shouldn’t do things like that in public. Chizuru, on the other hand, informs her that she wants to give it to her. This is because she understands that when a woman has her first sexual encounter, she will want to keep that “sort of detail” hidden. When Ruka hears this, he smiles and mockingly asks Chizuru if she accepts or denies that Kazuya did it with her.

Rent a Girlfriend Chapter 202

Release Date and Read Online

The publication date for Kanojo Okarishimasu Chapter 202 has been set for August 30, 2021. On the official Kodansha Comics website, you may read the manga.

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