Edens Zero Episode 21: Release Date and Watch Online

Edens Zero Episode 21 is estimated to be released on 5th September 2021. Edens Zero is a Japanese anime series based on Hiro Mashima’s manga.

On June 12th, 2020, the anime was officially revealed. The anime will premiere in April 2021, according to Konami’s TGS live feed on September 26th, 2020.

At J.C.Staff, Shinji Ishihira will serve as the chief director, while Yuushi Suzuki will direct. The series will be composed by Mitsutaka Hirota, while the characters will be designed by Yurika Sako. Shiki Granbell will be played by Takuma Terashima, Rebecca Bluegarden will be played by Mikako Komatsu, and Happy will be played by Rie Kugimiya.

Edens Zero Episode 21


When Rebecca and her cat Happy came to the park to record recordings for the video-sharing website Aoneko Channel, Shiki Granbell, an orphan raised by robots on the deserted theme park planet Granbell, met and befriended them. Shortly after their encounter, people of the amusement park kidnapped Rebecca and Happy, which was later revealed to be a plot to force Shiki to leave the world with Rebecca and Happy because the entire planet is set to shut down. Shiki saves her and the two of them flee the planet to explore the Sakura Cosmos, with Shiki’s goal of making 100 new friends along the way.

Edens Zero Episode 21The Plot of Sun Jewel Arc

As the Crew of Edens makes course for Sun Jewel, the Planet of Gemstones, Homura’s long-awaited reunion with Valkyrie appears to be on the horizon. The crew rapidly runs afoul of Madame Kurenai, the planet’s ruthless and powerful ruler, who is embroiled in her own power battle with Drakken Joe, one of the Oración Seis Galáctica. The mysteries surrounding Valkyrie’s disappearance and Homura’s past are revealed as the Edens Zero itself gets caught in the crossfire.

Edens Zero Episode 21 Release Date and Watch Online

Edens Zero Episode 21 is expected to premiere on September 5, 2021, at 1:25 a.m. JST.

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Edens Zero Episode 21 will be available for streaming on bilibili, Hulu, and iqiyi. The series was also purchased by Netflix. Therefore, Edens Zero English dub will be available for viewing on Netflix throughout the world too.

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