Austin Butler gets emotional remembering his mother at “SNL”

Actor Austin Butler gave the SNL viewers a roller coaster ride. During the monologue, he addressed the audience and gave them a dose of tears and laughter. He got emotional while talking about his mother.

Moreover, Elvis star was debuting SNL making it his first appearance on the stage. He looked handsome and charmed the audience with his Elvis-y voice and southern accent. Undoubtedly, the fans were mesmerised by his charming yet deep voice.

On Saturday, Austin Butler, accompanied by the rest of SNL’s cast, sang “Blue Christmas” as an Elvis tribute to Cecily Strong. Moreover, he co-hosted the show with Lizzo. Get inside deets about him by diving into the article.

What did Butler say about his mother?

Butler said he was a shy kid and acted from a young age. His fondest memories were watching SNL with his mother. “Every week, we watched,” he continued. And yet, despite my severe shyness, I would do everything to make my mum laugh. I’d make goofy noises, Gollum impressions, and other crazy faces. Moreover, Butler said, “Being ridiculous with her is what pulled me out of my shell and is the foundation of what launched me in acting.”

Butler became tearful as he described how his mother, who passed away from cancer at age 23 in 2014, had been driving him forward all week long in his preparation for SNL. He mentioned, “The woman who raised me is no longer here with us.” Furthermore, his voice wavered slightly as he spoke about his mother.

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Austin’s tribute to her mother

Moreover, he continued, “I’ve been thinking about her a lot this week, just imagining how pleased she’d be if her son who used not to be able to order meals for himself at restaurants is now standing on this platform.”

And today, know that each time you see me making a goofy face or performing a stupid voice, it’s for you, mom,” Butler said with a grin. This left the audience in tears. SNL’s audience was captivated by his performance. He received praise and was applauded for his performance.

Austin Butler

Where can you watch his performance?

When SNL host Austin Butler dressed up as “casual Elvis” to perform “Blue Christmas” for Strong, the song became an instant hit. Furthermore, he sang in his deep Elvis voice, “We’ll have a blue Christmas without you. We’ll be so blue just thinking of you.” To watch his breakthrough monologue, you can catch up with his performance on SNL’s Saturday episode. Click here to watch his monologue.

Final Words

We are sure that Elvis actor Austin left everyone mesmerised and teary-eyed. His words for his mother showed his care for her. His SNL debut left everyone wondering about his new side. In a spoof for Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon’s character stumbles onto an Elvis impersonator on the Shelvis. The question, “Who is this?” In the sketch, Butler, who portrayed the King of Rock and Roll in a biography, picks up the doll and asks.

Moreover, the after is all set for his new movies. We hope to see more of his breakthrough roles soon. Stay updated for more updates and developments in the entertainment world.

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