Kingdom Season 3 Episode 19: Release Date and Watch Online

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 19 is expected to release on 23 August 2021. In April 2020, the third season of Yasuhisa Hara’s Kingdom anime began on NHK General.

Due to the Japanese government’s first state of emergency against the new coronavirus epidemic, the anime’s production committee announced later that month that the season’s episode 5 and subsequent episodes would be delayed (COVID-19). On April 4th, the third season of NHK General began airing again. The anime began showing again with the first episode.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 19The Plot of Season 3 of Kingdom

The season starts with the visual’s tagline that says, “Keep Hope Alive.”

The Qin army, led by 1,000-man Commander Li Xin, is closing closer on King Ying Zheng’s aim of unifying China after the triumph of the Sanyou war. Thanks to a substantial territorial footprint in Wei, Qin now controls the rest of the warring states in the east. Meanwhile, Li Mu, the new prime minister, and a prominent strategist used Zhao’s short truce with Qin to pursue negotiations with neighboring powers. According to Ying Zheng, the armies of Chu, Zhao, Wei, Han, Yan, and Qi entered Qin territory without warning. Zheng hurriedly gathers his advisers to plan tactics to deal with the Six-State Coalition Army, ignoring the significance of Li Mu’s Qin truce until it is too late. The state of Qin is on the verge of extinction for the first time in history, and it must use all available resources and techniques to escape extinction.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 19Recap of Episode 18

First, it was Wang Yi, and now it’s Lord Biao. This only adds to Xin’s motivation to make a strong showing in Kanyou, but it feels a little early for that. Before Li Mu, Xin retreated to the royal city of Xianyang. Even though only some of his troops will be alive by the time they arrive, he might command more troops from the royal city. Furthermore, word of Li Mu’s arrival would have reached other Qin generals by now, and they would be en route to Xianyang. It would be prudent for Li Mu to retire at this time, as his plan to strike the capital while it is short on troops has plainly failed. Nonetheless, he was able to win over Lord Biao, earning him some respect among Zhou in the process.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 19 release date and Where to Watch 

Because this anime is broadcast every week, new episodes are released every seven days. Episode 19 is set to premiere on August 30, 2021.
Kingdom season 3 episode 18 is available in English and dubbed on the Funimation website. The anime will air in Japan at 12 pm JST on Funimation.

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