The Detective is Already Dead Episode 7: Release Date & Where to watch

The Detective is already Dead episode 7 will be released in Japan at 10:00 PM on 15 August and in India at 6:30 from 15 August.

Detective is already dead in its first season in a permanent anime series. It is not the same novel. It’s an adaptation. The story focuses on the secondary school student Kimihiko Kimizuka who is often involved in criminal circumstances.

What Happened in Episode 6?

Siesta comes to Sirius and in episode 6 and spares Kimizuk. She requested a mecha robot from the secret government.

Hel’s purpose is revealed because Siesta asks Hel why. She only says she’s meant to do it. All that is true in the holy book. With that, Hel is the monster up. In her, robot Siesta chases her and starts attacking the monster.

Hel fights back by destroying the legs of Sirius. Siesta knows how much the situation is intensely and throws Kimizuka alone from Sirius to Hel. Without her he doesn’t survive, he tells her not to die.

The Detective is already Dead episode 7

Hel shot a sword in the Detective, which slits his eye a bit, in episode 6 of Dead. She’s trying Siesta this time but is caught off guard. This time. Siesta can pick her up. Hel calls Chameleon his ally, however, and with their help escapes. Return to the hotel, since her leg was injured, Kimizuka takes care of Siesta.

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She says he loves her too much. Kimizuka films and leaves for the purchase of apples. He stumbles over a girl in the middle of the street when he comes back. She is waking up, accusing him of harassment. She introduced a new detective as Alicia and she remembered nothing but her age. Kimizuka decides to bring her to the hotel room. He tells Siesta about the situation and calls him a lolicon.

Siesta asks Alice to be a detective because her leg is hurt. She’s about to tell her what to do when Fuubi comes in. She believes Jack The Ripper is revived. Furthermore, the Sapphire student could be a new power in overturning SPES.

The Detective is already Dead episode 7The Detective is already Dead episode 7 Release Date and Watch Online

It is anticipated that Detective is already Dead episode 7 will be released in Japan on 15 August at 10:00 PM.

You can online stream the anime on the Muse Asia channel free of charge, they update the new episodes as soon as they are released in Japan with accurate English subtitles. The episode is also available on Funimation and WCO Stream.

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