Wind Breaker Chapter 378 Release Date and Read Online

Wind Breaker chapter 378 is scheduled for release on August 15, 2021. You can catch the chapter on webtoon. Wind Breaker is a quite popular manhwa series.

About Wind Breaker. 

Those who don’t know the meaning of Manhwa let me tell you “Manhwa is the general Korean term for comics and print cartoons. So, we can say that Wind Breaker is a Korean comic series.

The story focuses on the life of a teenage boy Jay Jo. Who goes through various changes in life during school days. Jay is among one those students who are liked by all the teachers. He is a perfect student. He always gets an A in class. Besides that, he is also good at all other activities. His life is not just limited to studies and grades but he’s much more than that. In school, he is the president of student body president. The story is all about the achievements and changes he goes through.

Wind Breaker chapter 378

About the Hummingbird crew.

He joins the Hummingbird Crew where he gets knowledge about the world that is very far from perfect. During his journey with Hummingbird, he ventures into adventures outside his textbook. About which he couldn’t even imagine. The rest of the story focuses on this and his parents’ high expectations. Now the question is will Jay be able to fulfill his parents’ expectations or will he disappoint them.

The Hummingbird crew comprises 5 members that include Minu, Vinny, June, Dom, and Shelly, and later Jay joins the same. Minu and Jay share an amazing friendship bond. Minu was the reason for Jay to join the Hummingbird crew. On the other hand, Vinny and Jay don’t go well together. Jay has respect towards his senior Jun. Dome and Jay to share good relations. Shelly is the most important member as Jay has other feelings for her.

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Wind Breaker chapter 378 Wind Breaker chapter 378 release date and more

Next chapter of the Wind Breaker that is chapter 378 is getting released tomorrow that is on 15th of August,2021. Readers can catch the chapter on Webtoon. In the previous chapter, we saw Jay chasing Shelly. In the upcoming chapter, we can expect their relationship to take a different turn.

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