Kill The Hero Chapter 67: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Kill The Hero Chapter 67 is expected to release soon but no official release date has been announced yet. You can though read all the previous chapters.

Kill the Hero is a Japanese Manga series that offers an action-packed story with mind-blowing plot twists in each episode. The manga series was initially released on May 25, 2021, and has been a favorite of the anime community since then. What makes it even more fun to read is the sheer excitement to know how the story is going to advance further in its course.

Plot Summary:

Kim Won Jins is betrayed by the leader of his tribe and mercilessly killed. He gets another chance to prove his worth but decides to avenge his death. With hundreds of sneaky and clever tricks up his sleeves, Kim Won Jins is ready to advance up the leaderboard and Kill the so-called hero.  

The manga series takes inspiration from the famous and addictive board game called “Dungeons & Dragons”.Kill The Hero Chapter 67

Kill The Hero Chapter 67 Release Date 

There has been no official announcement about the release of chapter 67 as of now, but the much-anticipated chapter is expected to release very soon. Fans are very eager to know what the creators have in store for them. All the previous chapters have been quite interesting and we hope that the upcoming ones follow suit.

Kill The Hero Chapter 67 Where to read the Manga:

Kill the Hero is available on a lot of online platforms and websites. Following is the list of platforms where you can get a hold of the manga series.

  • Manhua Zone
  • KissManga
  • MangaTX
  • Shield Manga
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You can enjoy reading all the chapters for free on the websites mentioned above.Kill The Hero Chapter 67


Guilds, Clans, Leaders, and Heroes, Kill the Hero has it all and is a must-watch for all those who are fans of the fantasy genre. The manga series has successfully grabbed the attention of the anime community in a very short span of time and has enjoyed worldwide success since.

The much-anticipated chapter 67 is expected to come out soon despite the lack of official announcement from the creators of the series. You can check out the websites mentioned above to read the manga online.

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