Slime Chapter 87: Release Date, Raw and Read Manga online

Slime Chapter 87 will officially release on 26th August 2021. You can read this manga online from the official website of Kodansha USA.

Are you a regular reader of manga Slime and after chapter 86, you are waiting for chapter 87? If your answer is yes then you just come to the very right place. Here we gonna talk about the next chapter which is chapter 87.

So, if you are interested to know about the release date, spoiler, raw scans, and many more regarding that chapter then stay with this article till the end. After the whole one, I hope you get clear information regarding this chapter. So, let’s begin today’s article with the storyline of Slime manga.

Slime Chapter 87

About the Slime Manga Series

Slime is basically a Japanese novel series that is based on fantasy and Isekai. The manga is written by Fuse. After that, the series is illustrated for the manga purpose by Mitz Vah. In the year 2013 first time, the series is run as a novel series. From 2013-2016 it was running as a novel series.

After that, from 2015 it is released as a manga series where Kodansha published the series globally.

The storyline or the plot of the series is unique as a manga but it’s a common life storyline for a huge number of people. Satoru Mikami, a common man who lived in Tokyo and he leads a corporate job life. But he is not very much happy with his monotonous lifestyle.

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One day, in a sudden encounter with his colleague an assailant pop come there and stab him hardly. After a while when he got his power, he realized that he is in a different world which he doesn’t know. So, this is the main storyline of the series. If you like this kind of fantasy then you should read it once.

Slime Chapter 87 Raw and Spoilers

Usually, the Raw scene of the manga would release in two or three days before the original release. From there we get the spoiler as well.

Slime Chapter 87

Slime Chapter 87  Release Date 

Chapter 87 will officially release on 26th August 2021. So, you can get the raw scans and spoilers on the 23rd or 24th of August officially.

Where to Read?

You can read this manga online from the official website of Kodansha USA.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned with Stanford Arts Review for the latest update.

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