Konosuba Season 3 CONFIRMED and Release Date Announced

Konosuba Season 3 God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson is known to be one of the best Japanese invigorated fantasy humor movies established by the reference to the book named Let’s Go, Crimson Magic of Explosion.

The previous season of KonoSuba sequel by Natsume Akatsuki was broadcasted in 2019 only in Japan which leads the audience to wonder when will the next season release.


According to the resources, the famous Crunchyroll has recently brought the rights of the movie through which are planning to release them in other particular regions on the demand, however, this announcement was made in November in 2019, till that time fans are waiting for the same.

However, until recently, around a few months back,  Crunchyroll has broadcasted on their website the newest version with a subtitle option of the movie, which has adopted viewers in billions, after encountering that, they are planning to enlarged the productions.

The only issue that arose was the language of the movie, even though the original movie is filmed in Japanese, but fans are urging to get it dubbed in various languages.


Moreover, it was first initiated to release the dubbed version at the beginning of this year but did to the sudden pandemic which led to the enormous attack on worldwide wide economy, It didn’t happen eventually,

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But according to resources, Crunchyroll is again planning to release the same, is it? Let’s find out, but don’t forget to read the article till the end

Konosuba Season 3: THE PLOT

The story it the movie revolves around Kazuma Satou with his pals who decides to make a journey towards the famous Crimson Demon village.

To won a skirmish an influential commander of the devil king’s troop.

As the group is trying their luck in the use of not expected magic and more a lot a fear to left behind the latest quest in the village.

Moreover, the squad decides to take a break on their journey of the guild as soon as Yun Yun reaches, she informs Kazuma that to save the planet she needs to have a baby, particularly a son

That baby has to be born in a crimson demon village where Yun Yun and her companion megumin are in danger started by none other than the demon king army.

Furthermore, the plot arises which left the fans in utter shock was when the Kazuma arrives at the palace and funds out the fallacy told was written none other than by Yun Yun schoolmate and  Megumi.

Leaving them all devastated and humiliated. But after that, they decide to head to the village to find out the untold answers.

THE ROMANTIC PLOT: Konosuba Season 3

The story takes a leap when the group heads back to the village and teleported outside of it, where Kazuma ran from the female’s orcs and that’s when Yun Yun saves Kazuma but the orcs managed to flee on their way out

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Kazuma who is being injured was then taken back to Megumin residence where Kazuma meets his beautiful sibling named komekko, or that’s when the love story starts.

But due to the injury, he falls asleep until awakening this group, but the story didn’t end here, The Kazuma had gone through an awkward conversation with her parents, cute isn’t it?

There’s at the art of Hyoizaburoo and Yuiyui and Kazuma and Megumin sister connection and nature of their relationship towards one another.

But that’s not it, in the further part the main plot reveals when Kazuma turns to be a very wealthy man which tons of Gold and Money.

Yuiyui shuts Kazuma in one room together with a  Megumin during that particular evening of will against darkness, for to have them a perfect romantic relationship bit given the Kazuma attraction towards her sister  Megumin immediately evacuates through the window.

But not to forget the Darkness which is led by demons through Sylvia who is widespread in the monster king’s troop.

Sylvia landings after Kazuma introduces himself as Mitsurugi and indicates that he has overthrown Beldia, Vanir, and Hans.

While during the big highs the Kazuma by mistake started the way to open the path to the door where all the weapons needed to win were kept after being chased by Sylvia

But he somehow closes the door soon before she reaches the spot and that’s how he reunited with his lost group.

On the other hand, Sylvia is angry with the Mage Killer and eradicates the house and turned off virtually everyone’s mysterious proficiency, and commences to eradicate the town.

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Kazuma’s organization attempt to discover monuments that were the only means to quit that missile. It was a kind of solace we find out the Kazuma was able to get through the relics even though they were written in Japanese.

They succeed to discovers that a rifle from one of the town’s stores is wanted to demolish the Mage Killer and Slyvia. Well, We know till here but the way they all kill Sylvia and saves the village is something will find out in the next season, dates of which I’m posting below right here, so wait till the end.


As we already know that the previous season of the KonoSuba sequel by Natsume Akatsuki was broadcasted in 2019 only in Japan which leads the audience to wonder when will the Konosuba Season 3 release.

Moreover, the next season is believed the most famous and going to be the best Japanese invigorated fantasy humor movies established by the reference to the book named Let’s Go, Crimson Magic of Explosion.

Moreover, as we are very well aware of the fact that the next season 3 is realizing in a dubbed form very time soon.

However, according to Crunchyroll, the main movie has made a box office collection in billions so they are planning to replace it with dub and release it anytime soon, between January 2022 or in the end. So guys don’t be disheartened

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