Tower of God Chapter 502: Release Date, Raw and Read Manga Online

Tower of God Chapter 502 is expected to be released on 3 August 2021. Tower of God’ will easily satisfy both Action and Dark Fantasy fans.

‘Tower of God’ is a Korean manhwa illustrated by Lee Jong-Hui, under the pen name S.I.U (Slave In Utero). It was launched on the Korean webtoon platform called Naver Webtoon on June 30, 2010. It was then translated to English by Line WEBTOON in July 2014. It also has a Japanese Anime adaption, which was telecasted from April 2, 2020 to June 24, 2020. Tower of God has been translated officially into 8 languages by Naver Webtoon, and in over 20 languages by fan translations.

Story of Tower of God:

‘Tower of God’ is the story of a boy who is called Twenty-Fifth Bam. It is important to note that in Korean, ‘Bam’ can also be translated as ‘Night’ or ‘Chestnut’. He lives under a mysterious tower with his one and only close friend, Rachel. When Rachel enters the Tower and leaves him alone, however, he is devastated. He goes after Rachel, and somehow opens the door to the Tower. Vowing to go any distance to see his friend Rachel, he goes up the Tower. He meets many Allies who help him go up the Tower and find Rachel.

It is filled with a variety of different people and species and has different levels of Shinshu, which is a magical substance. The Tower has a strict hierarchical system, with the most powerful on the topmost floor. On the top floor of the Tower, the 10 Great Families are the governing body of the Tower. The whole Tower is ruled by King Jahad, a king who is immortal because of a deal he made with the people of the tower. However, a few people are exempt from this deal, and they are called ‘Irregulars’.

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As he confronts Headon, the Administrator of the first floor, Bam learns that he is an ”Irregular,” someone who was not chosen by the Tower but was able to enter it on his own, an extremely rare event inside the Tower. Regardless of this revelation, however, his path forward is clear. Be it wealth, power, glory, or even reuniting with Rachel, all desires will be realized at the top of the Tower.

Characters in Tower of God:

The main character of the webtoon is Twenty-Fifth Baam. He lives all by himself under a Tower with his only close friend, Rachel. However, when Rachel goes up the tower and leaves him behind, he decides to go after her. In his way, he meets Headon, who makes him learn that he is an ‘Irregular’.

In his journey to reach the top floor of the tower, he is accompanied by Khun Aguero Agnis, Rak Wraithraiser, and Ja Wangnan. They are the primary protagonists of the webtoon. There are many antagonists that they fight against on their way to the topmost floor. In the Top Floor, the ruler of the Tower King Jahad and the 10 Great Families that govern the Tower live. 

Tower of God Chapter 502 release date

The release date of Tower Of God Chapter 502 is 3 August 2021. Tower of God Chapter 502 is available to be read officially in Naver Webtoon and Line WEBTOON. You can also find various sites carrying the fan-translated versions.

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