The Duke of Death and his Maid Episode 5: Release Date, Where to Watch.

The romantic-comedy anime The Duke of death and his maid had debuted in July and the fifth episode is near here. However, do not fret about where to watch, Funimation has licensed this anime series and another streaming platform, ANIPLUS is airing the series too.

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The writer, KOHARU INOUE has used a simple plotline where a boy gets cursed by a witch for what so ever reason but he has to live with the curse till his death. Firstly, he was abandoned by his mother, and he was secluded. Secondly, he should never touch a living thing that he loves but, a living thing would die as soon as he touches it. His life is even more complicated when he met Alice.

Episode 4 Recap

The episode commences where the narrator explains Duke’s curse and complains that he is in fact a death incarnate. Duke has been worried he was going to kiss Alice, but he was helpless all he could do is to turn her down politely, he was even more anxious that didn’t do it properly.

The Duke of Death and his Maid Episode 5: Release date, where to watch.

Duke wanted to clear the misunderstanding by explaining everything to her so that there won’t be issues between them. The same very night he accompanied Alice, the next day Duke was ill as he caught a cold, surprisingly Alice brought a knitted scarf as a present to Duke.

Alice and Duke were playing around and Rob has joined them also insists on building a snowman. In the evening Duke was searching for something which Alice had lost and all of a sudden a girl who was appears in front wakes up Duke, she also inquires what he was doing in the snow.

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The girl helps duke by finding him what he was searching for and she finally reveals her identity saying she is a witch, and her name is Cuff. At the end of the episode, Duke thanked her for saving him although she is a witch in return, she replied that she saved him because it’s his determination that aroused her to save him. I assure you the series gets better as it progress, Episode 5 is scheduled to release on August 1, 2021.

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