The Suicide Squad: Do Supervillains Have a Secret Desire to Be Superheroes?

The latest trailer for Suicide Squad tells us about the many supervillains in a team that is trying to become superheroes. The roles of Peacemaker, Dot Man, and Carnivore are unknown and will be filmed this summer. When it debuted in the media in the year 2016, Suicide Squad returned to DCEU.

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However, continuation has limitations. After contact with the original, Suicide Squad took the series in a new direction. The team has a dozen new roles. Although there are still some hidden secrets in Suicide Squad, the second trailer provides fans with a better environment than they expected.

The Suicide Squad: Do Supervillains Have a Secret Desire to Be Superheroes?

With the addition of the main character, Amanda expanded her team. The base of the Suicide Squad is mainly composed of supervillains from the universe. By adding a terrifying ancient element, just like the Justice League, Task Force X has become the protagonist over the years.

Most members of the Suicide Squad worked together to reduce working hours, none of them had a goal. DCEU even confirmed this, but the Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn’s Bird Squad have absolutely confirmed that they are no longer ordinary super villains.

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Once astronomers pass this extremely dark place, people like Pokémon hope that they are not criminals. The Suicide Squad moved away from the previous position of Daniela Melchior and other enemies in Ratcatcher 2, becoming a solid force. If all the villains are thinking all the time, then the whole story is one-dimensional.

The Suicide Squad: Do Supervillains Have a Secret Desire to Be Superheroes?

David Dastmalchian’s Target Man is one of the highlights of the latest Suicide Squad trailer because it also destroyed QT’s hope of ending a terrible chapter in my life. Ambitious people are happy to mention that he is a conscientious superhero, which proves that he should always be in power.

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Obviously, people always give orders because Amanda owes them, but once a character like Dudu actively fulfills their heroic role, another level will emerge.

This does not mean that everything must be just because the villain must be a hero. Amanda has a reason for rape. Somehow. However, Suicide Squad will feature fascinating stories, some of which you can explore in this corner of the DCEU timeline.

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