Google Pixel 6 Rumor And Leak Roundup: Design, Features And Specs To Expect

Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 are highly anticipated versions. According to recent reports and rumors, the new Pixel mobile phone series includes a large number of popular products, Google processors, and so on. This is why Various leaks and reports indicate that this will be one of the most anticipated phones in 2021.

Google Pixel 6 Updates

Thanks to Google’s new design and processor, new phones can provide a lot of things. Let’s summarize the exquisite prints and what to expect. Google is trying to get positive results from Pixel Six, and hope they can do it. Although the last Pixel Pixel 5 of this phone is a sturdy smartphone, they seem to be straightforward and easy to respond and protect.

Google Pixel 6 Rumor And Leak Roundup: Design, Features And Specs To Expect

This uses a mid-range Qualcomm processor, without major upgrades to the camera, everything seems trivial, and there is no further explanation. However, up to the current sixth pixel, the report is expected to be completely different from that of any component phone.

Google is expected to release some models of this part: Pixel Six and Smooth Pixel Six. Pixel 6 is considered the cheapest and also the smallest pixel phone. Considering all professional rendering, this phone is a new style. The biggest change is that the horizontal camera is located on the back of the phone, with two color combinations at the top.

After carefully examining the project, there are some options worth mentioning. Pixel 6 will be equipped with a pair of rear cameras, while the professional version of Pixel 6 will be equipped with three. The most concerning feature is that the sixth rear triple camera is an instrument lens, which is a technology previously discovered in the radical Samsung Galaxy S21. .. so you can use the sensor to get a clean zoom photo.

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Features And Specifications

The six-pixel and six-pixel sensors on the opposite side of the are ultra-wide-angle lenses, although the exact characteristics of the camera are unknown. Each mobile phone can be equipped with wireless charging and a fingerprint reader on the display.

Google Pixel 6 Rumor And Leak Roundup: Design, Features And Specs To Expect

Pixel 6 The most exciting thing is that all mobile phones can integrate Google’s first GS101 Whitechapel chipset with Google’s atomic number 14. Although it does not support Qualcomm, Google’s launch of its own chipset is a big step that can power Golem Twelve.

Because of the cost of most pixels, it will reach a positive peak value than the previous part 5 of $699. The price of Pixel seems to be undecided, but it is expected that the price of Pixel Six and Pixel Six Professional will be between US$800 and US$1,000.

Since Part 5 was announced on September 30th, the device is expected to be available in September, so we tend to wait for the number of pixels or time frame to be released. If Google meets expectations, it will be the best performing Android smartphone this year.

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