Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date Updates and Season 3 Ending Explained

There are endless anime lovers on this blue planet who breathe for anime only. These people have a sole purpose that is to learn everything about anime. There are many famous anime like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Pokémon, etc and right now Golden Kamuy is one of the most famous anime which is grabbing everyone’s attention. And the end of its season 3 fans have been looking for updates on the upcoming Golden Kamuy Season 4. And we have some major updates for you.

Golden Kamuy Storyline

This anime started airing in the year 2018. In this year only this amazing series aired for two seasons between April and December which was a bit surprised and a lot of content to watch, praise, and cherish. It was very fun but after that this historical action-adventure series made us wait for two long years for the next season.

The third season of Golden Kamuy aired recently and the 12th episode of this season which was also the last episode of the third season premiered recently on the 21st of December and if you watched it you will agree with me at every moment I was on my toes because anything could happen and at the same time, it was sad because we know that we have to wait for the fourth season of the show.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date Updates and Season 3 Ending Explained

Golden Kamuy Season 3 Ending Explained

Every second of the last episode was worth watching it. In the whole third season, we find out that determined and hardworking Asirpa gets more close to the Russian border as she was aiming to find out more about her and her father’s relations with the coded tattoos. And she Asirpa is separated from the Saichi Sugimoto.

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In this new season, we discover new people along with Sugimoto as he has put his mind on finding Asirpa and also in protecting her. All total this season was a blast and it fulfilled all our expectations.

Well it is always exciting and sad at the same time when any new season of any famous series start airing because waiting for every single episode is like waiting for your slow death and it is harder when the time for the last episode of the series comes but we are fans and we bear with it.

It was very hard this time too because the Golden Kamuy creators ended the series midway leaving us thinking what will happen next. Now all of us are desperately waiting for the next season of the show.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date

All people want to know whether or not it is renewed for the new season or not because there are many moments when a famous series didn’t get renewed for the new season and is dropped in the midway. And if it is renewed when can we expect the next season because we Otakus “want it soon”.

There is no official announcement from the “Geno Studio” if Golden Kamuy Season 4 is happening or not. But we can expect that Season 4 because of the popularity of the series. And despite being one of the underrated series it did pretty well. 

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After the latest season this anime gained pretty well scores as you can see below:

My Anime List- 7.81/10



So after getting all these amazing scores the creators of this anime would like to continue it and it will get a renewal. We can also tell you that it will get a renewal because the first three seasons of this anime has only covered 20 volumes of Golden Kamuy manga and there are still 4 volumes left that can be used for at least one more season as till now there are a total of 24 Japanese published volume.

Golden Kamuy Season 4 Release Date Updates and Season 3 Ending Explained

If we have to predict the next season date as that is all we can do because the fourth season has not yet been confirmed then we can do that based on the production of last season. The latest season of this amazing anime was premiered after 15 long months of its announcement.

So according to that, we can expect the fourth season somewhere in the year 2022. Well, there is one good thing as right now there are only 24 Japanese volumes published for the Golden Kamuy manga out of which only 4 are left for the next season and this could speed up the things so we can expect the next season a little bit early which means it can come somewhere in late 2021.

Well again we are fans like you and we can only predict based on what we have so for the confirmed date we have to wait and you have to stay with us as we will update you as soon as we know about it.

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