Latest Anime Re-main Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, Read On to Know More.

MAPPA studios have stated that there was a discussion of producing the original Television series “Re-man” and just as how it promised MAPPA had released the anime within just 3 months. The series started to air on 4th July and is ongoing.

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Where to watch Re-main anime

MAPPA studios have taken a different approach by producing sports anime and obviously, the show is running successfully. The show stands at 7.9/10 on average rating. Funimation has licensed the show so if you’re a premium subscriber you can watch the episode right after its release.

Episode 2 recap

The episode begins with an argument between CHINU and Minato. They had bet on something that if Minato becomes popular CHINU must go out with him and now she has agreed to it as soon as Minato won the MOMOTARO cup.

Latest Anime Re-main Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, Read On to Know More.

But immediately when CHINU says that she has won a bet, Minato rushes to join the water polo club. He tells his family about joining the club again and they encourage him to proceed with the water polo. Minato is quite depressed that although he was a water polo genius but now after the accident, he no longer knows how the water polo works.

YUTAKA another high school shows enthusiasm to join the club. However, the club leader tells them a backstory that he has been training all by himself, he has cleaned the pool every day, practiced a lot that one day someone would join the club.

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All of a sudden one of the students barges into room and voluntaries to play for team, that too as a keeper. Rest of the team members opposes the proposal, but they still let him play for team. At the end of the episode he reveals that he had his ulterior motives before joining also, the captain is on hunt to find the last member.

When will Episode 3 is released?

The latest episode is coming very soon to its viewers and its title is “But it’s crazy”. There were speculations about the upcoming episode and they were not mere speculations and it is confirmed that episode 3 would be released on 18th July 2021. The show is packed with mixed emotions, and we will see a true friendship among the students.

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