Reason Behind Why Government Approve Cutting Almost 2.5 Lacks Trees at Buxwaha Forest.

The environment is at risk of being on being slaughtered at the hand of humans again.

Sadly even after all the treaties and resolutions passed by various International organizations and law enforcement agencies for the protection of environmental issues has failed once again

Until recently, more than 2 lakhs trees are anticipated to be amputated in the Buxwaha wilderness area,


According to reports, it is found that it an only for a new diamond project which led to the  Environmentalists stress that the concerned undertaking is going to be a reason of not only the loss of biodiversity but an adrenaline types of the population which is going put the human life in danger once again.

Reason behind why goverment approve cutting almost 2.5 Lacks Trees at buxwaha Forest.

But can’t help but notice the difference between the ages of deforestation at the hands of corporates power as in the same case we have found  Aditya Birla Group’s Essel Mining & Industries Limited (EMIL) is behind the whole diamond mining project.

Which led to the same old method of protesting and making the corporates face the consequences of it.


It is to be noted that the concerned  undertaking is going to dissipate taking the entire region of more than 364 hectares in the Buxwaha woodlands,

The forest is not far but has taken more than 255 kilometers nothing but the capital of  Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal city.

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The fence is amounted to have 34 million carats of unfinished diamonds which is going to add to revenues one could never think of.

The National Mineral Development Corporation’s (NMDC) prevailing diamond hollow is near the boundary by only less than 180 kilometers.

Reason behind why goverment approve cutting almost 2.5 Lacks Trees at buxwaha Forest.


It is to see that the project responsibility was on the hands of rip into before but it is now been transferred to India as a gesture.

The reason for their exit is still unknown but it is suggested that there existed not a solitary justification through it.

Rio might recognize that the diamond industry was plummeting around the civilization and are foreseen to plummet distance as more diamonds are tunneled in African nations and Russia.

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