Peach Boy Riverside Episode 2: Release date, Discussion and Watch Online

The current fantasy-adventure anime series Peach Boy Riverside is an excellent series that describes the story of the protagonist, KIBITSU MIKOTO who has the unusual ability to kill monsters with a special “peach eye”, so that would explain the title of the show. This show started airing on 1 July 2021 so without any delay read below to know more.

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When will Episode 2 release?

Episodes are being released on a weekly basis so the 2nd episode would be going to release on July 8, 2021. “Ogres and Human ” is the title of the upcoming episode and you just have to wait two more days for this extra-entertaining episode.

Where to watch Peach Boy Riverside

This particular series is licensed by an anime distributor and publisher, Crunchyroll. Premium subscribers will get instant access and you can watch each and every episode of it. You can also watch it on the youtube channel Ani-One. Regrettably, the show is not available on big streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

EPISODE 1 recap

The setting of the episode is in the forest, princess Sally has been searching for Mikoto, and she met an interesting demi-human named Frau on her way, she offers frau a carrot. Sally shows frau a sketch of Mikoto asked whether she had seen that person in the sketch or not.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 2 :Release date ,Discussion and Watch Online

However, sally and Frau reached the village and villagers suddenly started to blew gasket over Frau. They escaped from villagers and decided to stay at the local lord’s house. He explained a peculiar incident about a young traveler who put swords on monsters and killed them single-handedly.

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Ogre a giant monster with horns appears out of nowhere and Frau slew the monster with a single strike when it tried to harm Sally. Commanders of RIMDARL have arrested Sally and Frau, they were eventually released after knowing they are innocent.

Peach Boy Riverside Episode 2 :Release date ,Discussion and Watch Online

MEKI is a tiny monster blew the huge gate and on the other hand sett, a giant monster killed every soldier whoever it saw, came onto sally. Frau is very much loyal to sally so it tried to protect sally but sadly it was dangerously injured in the fight. Sally couldn’t stand anymore and chopped off the beast’s hand. During the fight, sally was having an internal monologue that what if there were two peaches that came down the river.

The show has an air of adventure, fantasy elements, and a sudden shift of mood to psychological horror is what keeps viewers stick to the show. I believe this show is definitely worth watching.

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