Dragon Ball Super Reveals a Subtle Secret About the Angels Powers

In anticipation of the last chapter of the book, Dragon Ball Super has formulated a clear plan to avenge Granola! Starting from the last chapter of the series, the arc of Granola Survivor sets the tone, so it is the last chapter of the series. Look at granola better than ever, and now prepare to become the most powerful person in the world.

Dragon Ball Super Updates

The previous chapter hinted that he would face Goku and Vegeta soon, so the last chapter brought the nightmare scene to the point. In the last chapter of the movie, Granola gets involved in an extremely mysterious question between Goku and Vegeta. Without the two Saiyans realizing it, Granola had a long-term geological aversion to Goku and Vegeta, which appeared fifty years after their parents died.

Dragon Ball Super Reveals a Subtle Secret About the Angels Powers

Granola sets up a gear train, once the new chapter contains detailed information, you can finally avenge the Celeron. In Chapter 71 of the story, the Heather family took another big step, leading Granola against Goku and Vegeta, and quickly applied their strategy. The McGee and Oil Division brought Goku and Vegeta to the Grain Planet to fight against Granola the “coward”, and recruited them to participate in exploration to help them.

However, Makki returned to Zereal and informed Granolach that a 2 Saiyan area unit was approaching him, but they deceived him and convinced him that a 2 Saiyan area unit was working for Frieza. Once so many years, the flames of the ruins of your planet fueled once many years ago.

Dragon Ball Super Reveals a Subtle Secret About the Angels Powers

This chapter shows various techniques to illustrate the similarities between granola and Goku and Vegeta. They only looked at these elements on the surface and would not question any of the reasons he gave. The three of them can fight without hostility (at least in the case of Goku and Vegeta), so it would be interesting to imagine whether this dispute will be resolved.

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Wukong is notorious for speaking to opponents to prove his true nature, so they may eventually realize his gratitude to Granola. Vegeta has taken advantage of Saiyan regrets in the past, so the upcoming war offers many fascinating opportunities.

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