Vinland Saga Season 2: Release Date Confirmed, Story Details and More.

Japanese historical manga series ‘Vinland saga’ is written and illustrated by the manga author Makoto Yukimura. The series was first published by Kodansha. Later it was published by the Youth- targeted Weekly Shonen magazine before it was taken to the monthly manga magazine Monthly Afternoon. The manga is aimed at a young adult man. As of November 2019, the series is compiled into twenty-three bound volumes. The Kodansha USA has been given a license to publish the manga in English.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Spoiler, Release Date And Story. 

As described in the Norse Sagas name Vinland is taken from the its association to Vinland. The saga begins in Dane- Controlled England in the beginning of the 11th century. It features the Danish invaders of the England known as the Vikings. The story is a combination of the king Cnut the Great’s historical rise to power with a plot that focuses on revenge centered on the historical explorer Thorfinn. Thorfinn is the son of a murdered ex- warrior severing under the group of mercenaries responsible for the deeds. The story moves forward with many several story arcs that eventually culminate in an expedition to Vinland.

A 24- episode anime television series adaptation was done by the Wit Studio aired on NHK General TV from July to December 2019. So far around 5 million copies of the manga are circulated as of 2018. Back in 2012 the manga was awarded the Kodansha Manga Award for the best general manga. 

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The characters in the series are Thorfinn voiced by Yuto Uemura, Askeladd voiced by Naoya Uchida, Bjorn Hiroki Yasumoto, Thors voiced by Kenichiro Matsuda, Thorkell voiced by Akio Otsuka,Canute voiced by Kensho Ono, Leif voiced by Yoji Ueda, Einar, Gudrid, Hild, Karli, Garm.

The series was adapted for an anime television series by Twin Engine in March 2018. It Is produced by the Twin Engine along with the Production I.G Wit Studio and Kodansha. The series is directed by Shuhei Yabuta along with Hiroshi Seko who handled the series composition. The characters are designed by Takahiko Abiru. The music is composed by Yutaka Yamada. The was streamed on the NHK General TV consisting of 24 episodes.

The first three episodes of the series were premiered on July 7, 2019. The 10th episode of the series was delayed after the pending arrival of Typhoon Faxai which was released on September 8, 2019. Later episode 10 was delayed because of the broadcasting news, which was resumed on September 15, 2019. Similarly, episode 18 too was released due to the World Para Athletics Championship sports tournament on NHK. The series was finished with the 24th episode getting released on December 29, 2019.

Hints On The Renewal Of Vinland Saga Season 2.

The series was released on Amazon Prime Video for the North American and Australian audiences. Sentai Filmworks is planning to release the series on home video in simmer with the other language translation and the English dub version.

When the finale episode of season one was streamed the director Shuhei Yabuta wrote

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“This big incident changed everything for Thorfinn, but his story will continue!”.

In September 2020 director of the series tweeted three different drawings of the main characters from the Vinland Saga. This gives some hint about the second season of the series. It may even be an announcement regarding the series commencing its production, but as of now we can’t confirm as if the series it commencing its production or its just a throw back to the first season.

As of now there has been no official announcement on the 2nd season of the series. But the showrunners have given various hints about the renewal of the anime.

In march 2021 Abiru Takahiko tweeted saying that

“Have continued to involve in the production of “Attack on Titan.” And I will also participate in “The Ancient Magus Bride” as one of the studio KAFKA staff. But there is another work that I have to do the most. My most important work, you know. According to the rumors the 2nd season was supposed to get released in April this year but pandemic has made it seem impossible.

Fans will have to wait for an official announcement and confirmation about the renewal of the second season of the Vinland Saga.

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