Studio Project No. 9 planning for the second season of HIGEHIRO: After Being Rejected , Everything you want to know

Television anime series HIGEHIRO is an adaptation of the Light manga series by ” SHIMESABA” and its first obviously going to end by 28 June 2021 . Due to available sources the ending of series is quite impossible as this reason the Studio Project No.9 might plan for a second season.

On December 2019 the popular Japanese publishing company, KADOKAWA SNEAKER BUNKO has officially announced the anime adaptation written by SHIMESABA and the illustrations done by BOOOTA , with “MANABU KAMIKITA “responsible for directing the film and the animation part is taken care by Project No.9 studio.


HIGEHIRO continued to hold for the third week as Top 10 spring Anime. The anime earned credits of 4.9 out f 5 on CRUNCHYROLL the reviews given by 52 people. HIGEHIRO even outcasted the popular anime like Fruits Basket: The final , 86 EIGHTY-SIX, TO YOUR ETERNITY, from this we could understand the popularity of HIGEHIRO.

What is the plot of the anime HIGEHIRO: After Being Rejected 

The anime takes a taboo and builds narrative around it , explores the societal issues that were already existing, circumstances which include a high school runaway SAYU , met a 26-year-old, YOSHIDA who was already vexed for being dejected by his co-worker.

However the girl explains her family, they would be happy in her absence and never wish to go there. YOSHIDA, who is very compassionate, saw her crying under the street light decided let her stay with him, instead, she was asked to do house chores so that she could stay how long she wanted to . As the days go by they both attracted to each other, develop feelings for each other.

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HIGEHIRO Episode 11 

Previously in episode 10 “PROOF “, SAYU was deeply hurt as she lost her dearest friend, she didn’t want to go where she lost her friend and lost her own sense of  Self-worth. Now in Episode 11 ” RESOLVE ” YOSHIDA is there for her as a source of stability and support, whom she could count on .

SAYU would rather take a step to heal from the trauma. she was also struggling to confess her feelings to him, Although YOSHIDA unaware of his feelings for SAYU, he still cares every minute detail about her . One day while YOSHIDA was on date with MISHIMA , he picks up SAYU and MISHIMA wonders why he wouldn’t look the same way that he look at SAYU .

In spite of the struggle SAYU starts to overcome her trauma . YOSHIDA and SAYU spend time together at SAPPORO and both open up to each other . SAYU might tell YOSHIDA and her brother want to go school one last time and make peace with sudden death of her best friend YUUKO.

SAYU explodes her feelings of grief and blame that she was holding , YOSHIDA slams her telling that they both were there for each other and ” You were both each others ! but you just cared too much !”. Though YOSHIDA is aggressive, his presence brings healing and support to SAYU.

Where to watch HIGEHIRO 

Crunchyroll has licensed the series and you can watch every episode instantly if you’re a premium subscriber and you must wait for few days for free episode to watch. International viewers can get access through YOUTUBE for Latest Episodes. Episode 12 titled with “Mother” is going to be aired on 21 June 2021 and the season gets end by 28 June 2021.

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Will there be a Second Season

Looking at the viewership the fans would be very delighted with the news of Another season, same way there was no official statements but speculations are all over the internet of fans wanting for the second season.

Secondly, How will the season end while the manga is still ongoing, another question arises  whether it would be a happy ending or YOSHIDA might go back to his pathetic life. It took 3 years to make anime series, while the manga been serialized since 2018 in novel publishing website, KADOKAWA.

Considering the situations , the crew might wrap with just one single season , both the characters were stuck in the puzzle of why should they survive for finally they found a reason to live happily ever after .

SAYU might caught up by her brother and he would take her to their home at HOKKAIDO. Now  YOSHIDO started to realize his feelings , would definitely want to keep SAYU in his life. so we might get a happy ending

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