One Piece Episode 980: Release Date, Story and Watch Online

One Piece is one of big titles from Shonen Manga that stands out well , at the beginning of  series won’t foretell what it is going to be Unlike the other shows such as Naruto, Death Note designed by intelligent EIICHIRO ODA which is very appealing and drives viewers to never miss an episode.

It is one of the most popular and beloved series all over the world, as it is the perfect mixture of comedy and drama, it also got a good cast. The series has an amazing Track record of setting Guinness World record in 2015.

One Piece Episode 980 Preview

When will Episode 980 come Out?

If there a show that is very interesting and never disappoints viewers, then it is One Piece. The previous episode introduced a Samurai character DENJIRO, who has a mysterious backstory spending past years with hatred and immense rage as he was one of those behind ODEN’s death.

So if you have watched the previous episode you wouldn’t miss watching the latest one. Episode 980 is scheduled to release on Sunday 27 June 2021. One piece is available on plenty of streaming sites such as Anime Lab, Crunchyroll, FUNIMATION  and on Netflix as well with the English and Spanish Subtitles.

What to expect in Episode 980?

The Ultimate Aim of the plot is the D.LUFFY inspired by a Pirate Shanks, hearing the speculations he is now off to East Blue Sea to find the Treasure called “ONE PIECE” and his lifetime goal to become king of Pirates. That explains the title of the show.

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There is so much happened in the earlier episode it was revealed that KANJURO disclosed the plan that led AKAZAYA Samurai hopeless and other sad news is that Law was also jailed so the crew was in confusion whether they could stand against them but no worries our Protagonist allied with Straw Hat in the fight.

However, YAKUZA from Flower Capital appears unannounced shook the crew by revealing his true identity, disguised himself as KYOSHIRO, and who previously fought alongside Oden. I believe KANJURO must be punished and he must feel guilt for cheating the gang who has counted on him, so SANJI might be after him. We will see the intense fight between the Animal Kingdom Pirates and Straw hat Pirates.

It’s not just the characterization but the unexpected twists is that make this Excellent Tv anime. On top of that storyline also contributes to the show.

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