Miss Nagatoro Episode 12: Release Date, Discussion and Watch Online

Are you a regular viewer or fan of the Miss Nagatoro anime series then after watching episode 11, you are now eagerly waiting for the 12th episode of the series? Then this article gonna be very much informative and interesting for you guys.

Because in today’s article we gonna discuss release date, how to watch it online and many other discussions that you should check. But before going to that segment let’s quickly give an intro of this anime series.

About the Miss Nagatoro series

Miss Nagatoro which is mainly famous as Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro. This is basically a Japanese web manga show which is first released in November 2017. This series is written and illustrated by famous writer Nanashi. Famous publisher company Kodansha publish the anime in the Japanese language and NA VERTICAL publisher publish this anime in English.

The plot of the series is set in Kazehaya High School. Here we see Hachioji who is one of the lead characters in the series. He is reading in the second year of that high school and besides this he is a introvert people who always avoid unnecessary interactions.

The main story starts when one day a first year student discover his manga. If you want to know what happened next then definitely you should watch the manga series.

What happened in the last episode

In the previous episode we see that Naoto desperately finds a model for helping in his latest drawing. And Hayase was insisted for modeling for him. Naoto agree that but he wants to recreate the cat drawing once again.

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This is basically the main plot of the previous episode. If you are not watch the episode then immediately go through that one for understanding the next one.

Release Date of episode 12

Episode 12 will be officially released on 27th June 2021. But according to your country time you will get the episode on online platforms.

How to watch online?

This episode is also available on Crunchyroll and VRV platform.


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