Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Delayed: Release Date and Spoiler Discussion

The next chapter of the popular manhwa will not be arriving until June 24th, 2021, as the manhwa will be on break this week. The reason for the Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Delayed is believed to be the health issues suffered by Solo Leveling’s author, Chugong. Fans have been pouring messages on the internet for Chugong sensei’s speedy recovery. With new chapters, the manhwa has become more thrilling and exciting for the fans.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156 Delayed: Release Date

A massive gate of destruction has surfaced, resulting from people in despair. This is probably the greatest gate that has happened in Tokyo city, and also the most dangerous ever. People are scared and confused over the things that is happening around them. Everyone is trying to run away from the dangerous gate. Meanwhile, Jin Ah is scared that she would die as she wanted to enjoy college next year.

Jin Ah suggests to her mother that they should evacuate, but her mother is confident that they don’t need it, as Sung Jin-Woo will protect them. Sung Jin-woo realizes that there are many things to protect and wonders with whom he should spend the last moments. He then calls hunter Cha Hae-in and then goes on a date with her. They even have some fun together and together ride roller coasters in the park.

Solo Leveling Chapter 156: Spoilers Discussion

Cha Hae-in wonders why Sung Jin-woo is taking her to an amusement park. Jin-woo tells her that he always wanted to visit an amusement park, ever since a gate appeared that took his father. He also promised Hae-in that he will tell her details about the gate after he studies more about it. As of now, the powerful and intelligent hunter like Sung Jin-woo is also not sure what the dungeon is about.

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For S-class hunters like Jin-woo, the rides in the amusement park weren’t fun, as he didn’t scream even once. Hae-in suggests that they should do something more fun. Jin-woo then summons Beru, and they fly above the clouds on Beru, and he asks how she is feeling. Hae-in responds that the ride is fast and beautiful. The latest chapter was a treat for fans with cute moments between Hae-in and Jin-woo.

Fans can expect some action in the next chapter, as our hero will visit the dungeon to know more details and apparently defeat the monsters.

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