Resident Evil Movies in Order: Watch Order and Chronological Order

Resident Evil Movies in Order: Chronological Order

Resident Evil this is the series of action and horror film based on Japanese Thief game which was created by a caption. The German Studio bought the rights of the series in 1998 and hired Paul WS Anderson as a writer and director of Resident Evil. This movie was originally made in only English language after that it was dubbed in many different languages the first movie budget of this series was only Dollar to 88 million but the makers were shown because of their box office collection which was dollar 1.233 billion.

Resident Evil Movies in Order

  1. Resident Evil: It was the first original series which was made from the video game of the same name in 2002 action horror film written and directed by paul w s on the film stars was Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Eric Marius, James Purefoy, Martin crews and Colin salmon.The frame start in a raccoon City existed in a genetic Research faculty called the high court by the umbrella corporation of things still the genetically engineered t-virus contaminated the high with it in the process the faculty artificial intelligence in the red Queen since the high-end kills everyone inside then here comes the main lead Alice theek at rest in check for the mentioned but taken by the unknown group of command delete by the changed Shades break.

    This attacks the unknown group of people but finds that they were the crops in a raccoon Priti islands and matter order to go down to the high with a group the find out another train inside that commander explains that these employees in the umbrella Corporation.

    After that, they find that all of them become a zombie and to make them killed unfortunately if they open the gate of the Hype operation which lead to the pale of everyone as the John zombie attack it everyone in the city in the last it happened that Alice awake in a raccoon City the hospital trapped with the examination table after escaping she goes out to find the raccoon city but couldn’t find it.

  2. Resident Evil Apocalypse: this film was made in 2004 this was the second sequel of the resident evil series the story starts from the first series where it was ended that Alice kept from the hospital and after that, she made a group of survivors who was not Attack by the zombies for saved by them the steam dist Arctic making team investigate about the high women all the plots happened but in the end PC that the list which was kept from the Hive doctor Alexander release the top-ranking umbrella employee that that this was just the part of umbrella for her.
  3. Resident Evil extension: the third part of Resident Evil was an extension which was made in 2007 and the same story with a final chapter was told Textmate in terms of chronological order but in the middle get confused and the story start from it and the same save than Alice bent umbrella Corporation for the antidote then she finds out that umbrella tends to cover up the contamination of raccoon City that a virus spread around the world it is fasting not only for the human population but the entire world environment. In the last plot it was shown that took you informed his fellow umbrella executives that a North American facility has lost Alice appears during the meeting declared that she and her friends are coming for umbrella Corporation.
  4. Resident Evil Afterlife: this was the 4th part of the series Resident Evil which was made in 2010 after one year Alice and her friends when to Los Angeles for attacking umbrella Corporation the real l is bombarded forehead and attempts to execute whisker only for him to inject her with the antivirus to remove her superhuman abilities car is reputed to have used to t-virus to gain his Superhuman abilities and prepare to kill as before the autopilot crash the plane into mountains and only Allah survive the story ends during the credit scene is one of the aircraft Jill Valentine who went missing after the destruction of the raccoon city is testing the attack wearing the mind-control device used on Claire.
  5. Resident Evil Retribution: this was the first part of the Resident Evil series and made in 2012 the story start with the whole umbrella Corporation frightened by the attack of Alice but the stories witches by Alice living with her husband Todd and her daughter working Zombie attacks reveal the Sab burning with actual Raccoon City during the contamination incident the whole plot goes on with her family and Alice and at the end of the story up pull away show on US military defending the White House alongside remaining umbrella Corporation soldier against enormous holders of t-virus abomination swarming all over the walls.
  6. Resident Evil the final chapter: chapter 6 was made in 2016 of fictional Action Plan and the plot starts from doctor James Marques the founder of Umbrella Corporation had a daughter analysis who was dying of progeny despite to saver Marcus uses dirty virus on her and other with the disease after another child treated with our wide is died and then terminated as a Rabbit zombies marks try to have a program shutdown. The red Queen appears to Alice in explain that her program is a conflict and she can never hurt and umbrella Corporation but also much value of human life. Define applaud and with Alice travel to month are saying that the antivirus carried only by the winds will take years to reach all corners of the globe and until it does her mission is not finished. Stay with Stanford Art review for the latest updates.
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