Jason Momoa Wants to Make a Movie With This Old Friend:

Jason Momoa Wants to Make a Movie

We all know the passion for one actor who wants to work with another great actor. There’s a share of passion, commitment, and will. It does not have to be an actor, it can be a famous personality too. We have heard the stories of Samuel L Jackson going to the sets of Breaking Bad just to mess with them in giving him a role. Many actors come on late-night shows in an attempt to promote a movie or a TV show and then talk about their dream to work with a certain actor. Jason Momoa Wants to Make a Movie With This Old Friend.


Just on Thursday, On Late night show with Jimmy Falon, the new generation’s favorite actor, Jason Momoa, also an upcoming actor. He became a household name from his great performance in Game Of Thrones and then Aquaman, which became the highest-grossing movie of DCEU earning over a billion dollars. He said he and Dwayne the Rock Johnson has been friends for a long time. You guys know who The Rock is right. If you don’t know him, cause you are living under the rock, he has been a fighter but now he is fully in the Hollywood industry as a full-time actor. He has worked in the famous Fast and Furious series, Jumanji’s both parts, Rampage, the list goes on. So, coming back to Jason Momoa, he said they have never worked together.

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Hawaii is the island where they first met each other. And being from the same profession, they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend who remains nameless to date because none of them revealed him or his identity. After that, they talked about many things including movies and they connected instantly. It’s sort of a love story, Jimmy Fallon was also excited when he heard this and asked Jason that they have to make a movie at any cost. And Jason said, they will because he has an advantage over him.


Dwayne’s daughter loved Aquaman, so Dwayne asked Jason to send a video wishing her in the whole costume. And he did and The Rock’s daughter loved the video.

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