The Boys Season 3 Latest Updates

The Boys will be back with Season 3 and it is already said to be bloodier than before. The show was renewed even before season 2 was released and the show keeps surpassing its goriness with new seasons. Season 1 was bloody, Season 2 had exploding heads and The Boys Season 3 is to take it to the next level. The show premiered in September 2019.

The Boys Season 3

Last year, Jensen Ackles took to Instagram and posted a video announcing his joining the series for Season 3 as Soldier Boy. The announcement of the Supernatural Actor Jensen Ackles has brought more hype among fans.

The Boys Season 3 Latest Updates

The Boys is an anti-hero TV show adapted from the comic series of the same name. Developed by Eric Kripke, it is a black comedy satire superhero show. It follows a group lead by Butcher who fights the superheroes or Supes group named ‘The Seven’ celebrated by people who in reality are abusing their power and position. Season 2 ending saw Hughie joining Victoria, Stormfront’s and Becca’s deaths, and the reveal of Victoria’s power.

Season 3 Updates:

Season 3 is presently in the filming process and has been one-fourth way through according to Laz Alonso one of the lead characters in an interview with Collider. Soldier Boy will be introduced, who is the first or original superhero, World War 2 Veteran, and will add to the show’s darkness. He is supposedly known to be a coward and na├»ve and at the same time possesses extreme strength and agility powers in comics. Taking a different look at the most famous superhero Captain America.

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Season 3 will adapt the ‘Herogasm’ arc. It is to be more than twice bloodier than before, so we can expect a lot of bloodsheds, gruesome and gory-filled plot.

Release Date:

As the filming is underway, there has been no officially announced the date for Season 3. There are no teasers or trailers released yet either. A trailer can be expected in a few months and the show would probably be released by the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022.

Last year, it was also announced a spin-off would be announced related to the comic superhero G men.

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