Emma Stone After playing ‘Cruella’ says she would like to see Ursula on big screen.

Cruella de Vil played by Emma Stone in the new Disney movie “Cruella” said that she would like to see Disney villain Ursula in an original movie. Emma Stone played the iconic character in the new movie Cruella which portrayed a Disney villain for the first time and she hopes to see more negative characters as the lead in original movies and the big-screen. She shared this thought in an interview.

What did Emma Stone say?

When asked during the interview which Disney villain character would she like on the big-screen she said for her it was Ursula. The villain character Ursula from ‘The Little Mermaid’ fascinates Emma Stone. She added, in the upcoming live-action adaptation of ‘The Little Mermaid’, the character Ursula will be seen played by Melissa McCarthy but she would like to see Ursula as the lead in a Disney original movie.

The Oscar-winning star, Emma Stone said,” Ursula is an octopus and the world you would get to live in, like Ursula’s parents and what happened there. You have never really seen a non-human Disney villain be explored in that way.” Justifying Ursula’s character she also added that Ursula had a traumatic life which can most definitely be an octopus’s worst nightmare. She also said, ” The parents keep giving her a shirt that only has four arms. They really mess her up with that from a very early age, so she’s constantly trying to fit two arms into each hole. That would really mess you up, wouldn’t it?”

She also said that her second choice for a villain in an original movie would be ‘Scar’ from The Lion King. Kirby Howell-Baptiste who is also a part of Cruella played Anita “Tattletale” Darling agreed to Emma Stone saying that Ursula needs her own movie. Thus, it can be said everyone agrees that Ursula needs her own movie.

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So as for Emma Stone being bad has turned out to be good for her, as the critics have been praising her for the role of Cruella. Her performance of Cruella is being praised thoroughly.

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