Telegram: Two New Web Apps Launched

The messaging app Telegram has come up with a better version of its web apps. Here are all the latest updates about it.

Telegram: New Web Apps

Telegram, a messaging app has always had a web app since the beginning. But it was not so popular among the users. Users were mostly inclined towards the actual Telegram app (available in iOS and Android app stores). However, the company has come up with new web apps with better features.

Telegram has launched two separate web apps namely– Telegram WebK and Telegram WebZ.

Telegram: Two New Web Apps Launched

Earlier, the Telegram web apps which were available had some major flaws which caused a hindrance in its popularity. Users faced issues like the unavailability of the option to send stickers. But the list doesn’t end here.

Another flaw of the old web apps was that users could not make a video call. No options of video calling. This lack of options/features in the previous model of Telegram web apps paved the way for these new web apps.

Availability & Flaws of the New Web Apps

Well, the newly launched Telegram web apps do have some flaws. One can mute calls in WebKit but cannot do so in WebZ. Also, there is no option of voice calling in both apps. As the two apps have been developed by two separate developers, they have some noticeable differences in their interface. However, it is very minute.

Telegram: Two New Web Apps Launched

The lack of a voice calling features in these two web apps is a con that should be rectified at the earliest. As we have seen that Telegam’s rival WhatsApp has this feature available in its web version so it is likely that Telegram will soon roll out an update to counter this flaw.

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Now, the question is where can we get the two web apps of Telegram? Well, all you need to do is go to the official website of Telegram. Everything is available there, the links to all the versions of Telegram including the desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps, and more. Telegram users can now go and get their new version of web apps.

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