ZOMBIELAND Saga Season 2 Episode 10 : Release Date, spoilers and Watch online.

Just Hours away from the release of the latest Episode of Zombie land Saga: Season 2 Episode 10 . The Zombie land saga a comedy-horror television anime series , developed by MAPPA in collaboration with Avex Pictures , Erosion and CYGAMES , and MUNEHISA SAKAI is responsible for directing the current series .

A quick recap of Episode 9 

The very first scene of the episode is KIICHI, adoptive grandson advertising his active campaign to reinvigorate The Saga Prefecture and he recognizes the some of the people attended were involved in the previous movements . Suddenly YUGIRI enters the meeting, later KIICHI and YUGIRI chit chat about KIICHI’s grandfather’s health .

The comrades also file a petition asking Prefecture’s Magistrate to bring back peace in Saga Prefecture. The people of KIICHI gang make the merchants to accept their demands. Another twist in the episode is revealed that ITOU works as spy for the Government so as to watch the trouble makers in the prefecture.

However, ITOU kills KIICHI’s people whoever associated with him and he also attempts to kill KIICHI too by somehow YUGIRI appears and saves him . YUGIRI was not just arrested but executed, KIICHI challenges and assures that he would strive for the Independence of Saga. The episode ends with the KIICHI’S grandfather is healthy and working as a bartender at New JOFUKU.

Spoilers of Episode 10 

In this episode we might see the villagers speaking about the Saga and its management, also villagers advises that they must gather people and also they should get help from Samurai . MOMOZAKI and YUGIRI ,talks about the drugs he gave to YUGIRI . YUGIRI thanks him for the drugs that they would help her grandfather to survive a little more.

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MOMOZAKI says that he received so much help from the villagers . he also says that The villagers has signed the ” Deliver Again Saga Petition ” . Later MOMOZAKI , YUGIRI and one of the villagers go to NAKAYANAKI Pictures Studio to click some pictures .

When is Episode 10 is released and where can you watch 

The Latest 10th episode of the second season is going to be released on Thursday, June 10, 2021 approximately at 11:30 Japanese standard time. the episode is titled with ” The SAGA of How These Zombies Will Get Their Revenge ” .  The episode would be aired on unique Television Networks AT-X , TOKYO- MX , SAGA TV and TVQ. some of the websites like FUNIMATION, CRUNCHYROLL, and ANIMELAB are also licensing the Zombie land saga the second season.

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