Boruto Episode 200: Release Date, Time & Everything You Need to Know

Boruto, the continuation of Naruto, is an action anime released in 2017. As Boruto with his friends is going to follow his father’s footsteps to become a great ninja, they are going to face many adventures and tragedies. With a 7/10 IMDb rating, this series is very popular and was also nominated for two Crunchyroll Anime Awards. Though the series has already released its 199 episodes, hence they are going to release the 200th episode on 23 May. So, what are you waiting for?

Release Date and Time

The countdown has already started, just a little patience and you can get the released episode on Sunday, 23 May 2021 at 2 AM PDT with a different time zone for different geographical areas.

  • Central Zone, it is 4 AM CDT
  • Eastern Zone, it is 5 AM EDT
  • British Time, it is 10 AM BST
  • European TIme, it is 11 AM CEST
  • India TIme, it is 2:30 PM IST
  • Japan Time, it is 6 PM JST
  • Korean Time, it is 6 PM KST
  • Australian Time, it is 6:30 PM ACST

Boruto Episode 200: Release Date & Everything you need to know

Where to watch it online?

Crunchyroll and Funimation stream it online with the English subtitles at the same time with different subscriptions. For Crunchyroll, the user needs to pay 9.99 USD a month or 79.99 USD a year. For Funimation, the user should pay 5.99 USD a month or 59.99 USD a year. Funimation also provides the English dubbed version but after a few weeks.

About Episode 199

To save Naruto and Himawari from the blast, Kawaki had lost his right arm. Seeing this, Naruto becomes angry and goes offensive against Delta. She cannot keep up with his taijutsu and is knocked down. When Naruto tried to approach her, she again became offensive and tried to make her killer move with the help of her eyes. Naruto blocked it with his massive Rasengan but Delta started absorbing the chakra resulting in the diminishing of the Rasengan. However, he increased his chakra and because of the overwhelming chakra she cannot absorb it and her eyes malfunctioned.

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To interrogate her, Naruto lets her live but her body self-destructs. Koji was observing the battle and got impressed by Naruto. Meanwhile, Jigen has been fully healed while Amado reported about the failure of Delta and Koji to bring back the Vessel as well as his failure to find the traitor.

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