Elon Musk Response to Indian Engineer’s Pranay Pathole Tweet: Know More

At the beginning of their careers, almost everyone engages in part-time jobs or internships to familiarize themselves with the job and get used to the organization’s working methods. After 21-year-old Indian AI, designer Pranaya Patol posted a new tweet, Musk recalled some interesting facts. This tweet received hesitant feedback from Internet users, which might give you some thoughts Similarly.

Elon Musk Replies to Indian engineer’s tweet about his previous internship

“When Elon Musk was 18, he held a temporary position at the Bank of Nova Scotia. In addition, he found that the bandwidth of cash was very low, and he could exchange cash at the bank and then online without the need for huge basic assets. This information prompted Him created

Musk replied from some interesting sources: “I work for Peter Nicholson, which is great. In general, even if I decided that the bank would exchange billions of dollars, we also exchanged math puzzles. He also talked about another motivation that prompted him to choose to leave the club and start over.

Patol tweet talked about Masker’s entry position at the Bank of Nova Scotia, and Musk responded by saying that he still appreciates the cooperation with senior bank employee Peter Nicholson, but despite choosing ” Graded” promotion, but not promoted. With more than 55 million Twitter followers, Musks’ response quickly became a network sensation in online media, and received a large number of online responses in a short period of time.

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