Queen is BANNING LGBT Conversion Therapy in UK and Facing Backlash from the LGBT Community

United Kingdom would be banning conversion therapy and also would be providing support to those who have undergone or participated in it. The Queen announced the same in her speech.

Conversion Therapy is a therapy which uses measures to change an individual’s sexuality or identity. The therapy is also considered to be harmful and can make use of some extreme steps or actions. In conclusion, it attempts to suppress someone’s identity, which may affect the person in serious ways as well.

Ban on Conversion Therapy:

On the first event after the funeral of Prince Philip, Queen announced the agenda of the government to ban Conversion Therapy. The government has addressed this as priority in the speech read by Queen. The actual statement being ‘ Measures will be brought forward to address Ban on Conversion Therapy.’

The Ban was first brought up by the previous Prime Minister Theresa May who announced it as a promise to end the therapy and put a ban on it in 2018. People have been demanding to enforce a strict action on it ever since.

The financial support or help for the individuals who have undergone the therapy was announced with it. The ban when enforced would be in effect in England and Wales.

Backlash on the announcement:

The present Prime Minister Boris Johnson of United Kingdom made the announcement in some months ago that this therapy would be ban shortly. Johnson who was previously the mayor of London had banned any advertising on the same earlier.

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However ever since the announcement or promise the action seems to have been delayed quite long more like delayed for years. It was also announced that the ban would be made after consultation and also in consideration with other groups. It is also to ensure so people can have open conversations about it.

Many organization, communities and people are upset that the ban did not take place immediately. As it has been a plan since 2018 and has been a very slow procedure that 3 government officials of the advisory on LGBT have quit because of it.

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