Candace Owens Thinks Wearing MASK is DUMB!!! and She is Facing Heat for Her Ignorance

Candace Owens always seems to be stuck in some or the other controversy. We all know that the world has suffered a lot due to this ongoing pandemic. The economy of many countries has collapsed, families are being pushed into poverty and many people have lost their lives.

The main thing we can do to save ourselves and others from the virus to to wear a mask.  Candace Owens tweeted that wearing a mask as preparing for authoritarianism. Its because of stupid people like her that the virus is spreading so rampantly.

The Tweet 

” To every person that go vaccinated an is wondering why they still have to wear masks– You’re forgiven for doubting those of us who insisted from the beginning that this was about power—not health or science.

You’ve now been sufficiently prepped for authoritarianism.”

This is what she tweeted. Who is she to forgive others for correcting stupid people like her who are killing innocent souls by spreading the virus.

What her co-host said earlier 

Candace tweeted out her thoughts and also what most conservatives think, which was what her co-host Tucker Carlson ranted on their night show earlier.

“A vaccinated person with antibodies wearing a mask outside is just like watching grown men expose themselves in public, that’s disgusting put it away, please. We don’t do that here,” Carlson said on the night show.

Carlson asked his audience to remove their masks. He even told them to ask others to remove their masks in this way. “Ask politely but firmly, would you please take off. Science shows there is no reason for you to be wearing your mask is making me uncomfortable.”

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He compared a mask with a cigarette and told that one should wear a mask in public just like we do not smoke in public.

How people responded

There was a huge backlash on twitter for her tweet. Most of the people did not accept what she said because it was totally illogical and false.

The people responded by saying that most of the people were smart enough to get vaccinated and still wear a mask unlike her. They pointed out that they were wearing a mask to protect others around them.

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