NYC Storing DEAD Covid Victim in FREEZER TRUCKS and People are OUTRAGED.

Coronavirus has taken many lives and we have seen so many cases that took place in various cities of where there was no place left in the burial ground for the family to perform the final rituals of the family members. New York City during the spring surge came up with a system under which the dead bodies of the Covid victims were stored in the freezer trucks on the Brooklyn Waterfront.

New York City Lacks Burial Grounds To Bury The Dead.

This family is not located and those who don’t have enough money to buy a proper burial which is suggested by the City’s Office of Chief Medical Examiner to the city. According to the sources there are around 650 bodies that are currently stored in the trucks.

The trucks are placed at the disaster morgue which was set up in April on 39th Street Pier in Sunset Park. Before the pandemic, people suffering from any deceased would used to get buried at Hart Island, on the Long Island sound near the Bronx. Within few weeks after the death.

In a statement Mayor, Bill De Blasio in April declared that it is not possible to go ahead with mass burials at Hart Island following the reports which s considered by New York City. Chief Medical examiner officials expressed it’s troubles and told that above 230 dead bodies relatives are still can not be located and the authorities are facing trouble in locating them.

Burial assistance in New York City was increased to $900 In May from &700 which is still less, the traditional service burial in New York was $ 9,000.  This data comes from  the New York Funeral Directors Association. The cost of the typical cremation service is $ 6,500 as told by some groups.

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Ms. Maniotes in a statement spoke about the current situation –

“This has been traumatic. We are working with them as gently as we can and coaxing them along to make their plans. Many of them will decide they want to go to Hart Island, which is fine.”

according to some reports the time duration for which the dead bodies were stored in the trucks is reduced after which the dead bodies are taken to Hart island.

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