Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are DATING AGAIN!!! She 2,300+ Miles Just to ‘CUDDLE’ with Him

The lovey-dovey couple Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are seemingly patched up again and having a great party time in Miami. They both definitely seemed to enjoy, celebrating his 29th birthday party in Miami on SUNDAY 2, MAY. It looked like Kylie throwing a birthday for her ex but none of them share the details officially.

the party mode still on, as the couple has dinner date on Sunday at Komodo restaurant had a drink a birds nest table at the outdoor garden, as per the source they next went to the LIV NIGHTCLUB’s Liv, Travis absolutely enjoyed the party dancing to the DJ and Kylie is just sitting over DJ and just giggling while watching her ex dancing.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are DATING AGAIN!!!, She 2,300+ Miles Just to 'CUDDLE' with Him

Baby STORMI JENNER inspired her daddy TRAVIS SCOTT

As on his birthday, Kylie has shared their best moments of Travis and her daughter on Instagram wishing him a happy birthday on April 30, not just the Kylie her sister KHLOE KARDASHIAN and her mother Kris Jenner has wished him on Instagram by posting pictures of him. According to certain identified sources they both are still are in one group and had no thought of dating and are stick to good parenting.

“Happy birthday @travisscott!!!” the businesswoman wrote on Instagram Stories with a photo of Travis cuddling STORMI in a mini pink ball pit. “STORMI’s daddy.”

Travis has showering love to his daughter and told her she has been a major inspiration to his music career, taking it as an occasion he even told fatherhood had a great impact on him which was led by Vice Media’s British magazine. Though the couple split in late October 2019 but still were amazing parents to their sweet daughter.

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are DATING AGAIN!!!, She 2,300+ Miles Just to 'CUDDLE' with Him

Also, the couple was talking about the town after the secret birthday party news hit a storm. As the party in Miami was filled with his friends, Kylie Jenner traveling via private jet and yet the party is no more a secret and Kylie was seen in stunning bold backless dress for the party. Kylie herself posted the birthday post and might have attended the party, Kylie as of now definitely keeping her rapper boyfriend to herself.

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