Covid-19 is PERMANENT and Become Seasonal, Doctors Says Cure is VERY DIFFICULT

The COVID-19 an infectious respiratory disorder that actually burst in 2019 December at Wuhan, China had taken many lives all over the world, worsened in recent months. Many countries were keen on developing medicine for it and we’re successful to do it. Though the vaccine is effective experts can’t assure 100 % even those who recovered from it are re-infected.

Covid-19 is PERMANENT and Become Seasonal, Doctors Says Cure is VERY DIFFICULT


The ancestors of this coronavirus which is called The Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) is estimated to be existing since 8000 B.C. Bats and birds are the main base of the virus, the recent virus has been originally rooted from leaf-nosed bats, diverged from the bats in 1986 which referred to as SARS COVID.

There are some vaccines that are completely effective possibly help to prevent the spread of the virus. The vaccines FIZER, MODERNA, COVI-SHIELD, Sputnik and there are many but manufacturers and developers say that these are effective to some extent and of course still the people who recovered are re-infected by the virus so it is better to stay alert to the virus.

The recent incidents are evident enough that summer is the beginning of the pandemic so the experts believe that it is creating its base as summer. The virus’s seasonality is taken on the basis of its effectiveness, stability and the season it is most existing. Taking influenza as an example it Transmitted faster and wider in the lower and higher humid region and will not transmit in the medium humid nature.

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Covid-19 is PERMANENT and Become Seasonal, Doctors Says Cure is VERY DIFFICULT

If there is a high humid region so the virus would stay right on there and settles down there and the direct contact with the things around you and you are definitely attacked by the virus. It is clearly seen that this virus wouldn’t leave us till the next year and nothing one could do just to boost immunity.

Still are many people to suspect that may have inflected by the virus but following the precautions like having the mask on, cleaning hands, inculcating a hygiene diet into a lifestyle that boosts immunity could help to prevent the transmission of virus or helps you to recover faster

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