White Cop Calls BLM Activists ‘TERRORISTS,’ Then Surprised when Fired for Racist Remarks

Black Lives Matter again shook the history of America and the American government, Since 2013 the movement has become a worldwide matter after the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and the brutal killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police officer Dereck  Chauvin. Since than people have been protesting peacefully In the parts of America now and then.

Why Black Lives Matter Called Terrorists? From Where It All Started? 

This peaceful protest sometimes turn into violent protest with people beating up the police creating havoc and destruction.  Ever since then people along with several organizations are working continuously to bring peace in society. But this effort are not enough as a well known law enforcement training group who has done research on the matter called the Black Lives Matter a group of activists and labeled them as terrorists.

The International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers came up with 176 pages lengthy document last year contains misinformation and provoking language that misguides the officers towards the  protestors. The document calls Black Lives Matter as “revolutionary movements whose aims are to overthrow the U.S. government” and claims they are planning ” extreme violence.”

Goff a CEO of Center of policing Equity said that

“It’s stunning. It’s distressing in many ways. It’s untethered to reality, I worry that it leads to people dying unnecessarily.”

Why The Police Officers Suspended?

This research led several police officers call the Black lives Matter as terrorists. A police officer names Sara Erwin based at Hopewell was suspended by the police chief along with another officer Sgt. Mandy Grey for making similar comments on the Black Lives Matter movement. In her post that Erwin writes –

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” Lat night I left for work I had my two kids crying for me not to go to work. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the way I did last night. And then watched people I know and others I care about going inti harm’s way. I love my police family like my own. So when you share posts and things on Facebook I’d really appreciate if you’d THINK  before doing so. I’ve seen so many black lives matter hashtags in this  post. Just to let you know – They are terrorists. They hate me. They hate my uniform. They don’t care if I die,”

Grey who latter made a similar comment on the post too got suspended for six months. Some people criticized this act of suspending the officers. There are also talks that suggest that the officers are taking the matter to the superior courts.

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