AstraZeneca’s Covid Vaccine DEADLY Side Effect, Legs Amputated after Woman Took the Vaccine

The Covid-10 vaccines are rolling out all over the world to fight against the deadly spread of coronavirus. Millions of people are daily taking vaccine shots to build their immunity against the virus. The reports also claim that the vaccines are almost effective reducing the coronavirus transmission by 50 per cent. However, some vaccines developers by big companies have led to deadly side effects and rare blood clotting.

Scientists have unraveled the rare and unusual blood clots in women ages 18 to 48 after getting AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine. Europe’s drug regulator, European Medicines Agency earlier this month found an uncommon link between AstraZeneca’s vaccine and blood clots. This unusual blood clots with low blood platelets is the rare side effects of the vaccine.

However, a significant number of people have developed the rare side effects. A woman reportedly had her legs amputated after taking the vaccine. EMA warned the vaccine recipient that the unusual side effects could be seen within 2 weeks of taking the vaccination. There is no specific risk factors as of now, but multiple women aged below 60 years have shown the deadly side effect.

Health regulator urged people to take alternate vaccine instead of AstraZeneca

The health regulator of the United Kingdom has asked the people under 30 years to receive an alternative vaccine shot, rather than AstraZeneca vaccine. If the people receive any minor symptoms of blood clot with low blood platelets, then they should quickly seek the medical assistance. The blood clots reportedly occurs in vital parts of the human body. PRAC noted that the most common parts are in the veins in the brain and abdomen.

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Along with low levels of blood platelets, the blood clots can also occur in arteries. AstraZeneca is not the only vaccine that has reported rare blood clotting. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is also reporting multiple cases of rare blood clotting in vital parts of the body. The company had already announced that they will be stopping the rollout of their vaccine in Europe.

These both vaccine showed a type of rare blood clotting called the cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) and splanchnic vein thrombosis (SVT). The CVST is called the blood clots occurring in the blood vessels that exits the brain. Meanwhile, the SVT is called the blood clots occurring in abdomen’s veins.


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