People Fear New Covid Outbreak After Disneyland Reopens and See Surge of People.

It’s been almost more than a year since the Pandemic took over the world. People now are tired of staying at home and the lockdowns. Most of the businesses, offices, industries, zoo and parks are getting back to normal. Most them got opened for the public, keeping in mind the safety measures and preventions for pandemics in mind. But still there is fear among the people with regards to this opening and increase in corona cases.

Disney Land Left Open For The Visitors.

In July last year Walt Disney World park too got opened for people. But some experts criticized the park authority for opening up the park. They criticized the act  because there was already a huge spike in  Coronavirus cases in Florida. One of the expert dealing with Coronavirus cases said that  “Walt Disney World’s Reopening was a terrible idea that was inviting disaster.”

On social media too was Disney World was labeled as “irresponsible” and “clueless” for opening up the park. The number of visitors is less than what was initially expected. As the number of families that used to visit the park every year during the Christmas vacation reduced to a large extent due to the fear of getting infected and about the safety measures taken while flying.

The public health official and  Disney World’s Union assured the people saying there has been no spread of infection neither among the workers nor among the visitors. They said that the safety measures taken by the authority have worked well so far preventing the spread of Covid 19.

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Director of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County Dr. Rahul Pino too expressed his views saying –

“We have no issues or concerns with the major  theme parks at the point”

On Friday Disneyland, California’s world-famous theme park announced that it is now open for visitors. For now only people from California are allowed to visit the theme parks. The park authorities assured that all the safety measures will be followed and no one will be allowed to enter the park, sanitizing facilities too are provided at various places in the  park.

The park is only open for citing but all the rides and other facilities will remain shut. Hopefully this time too it want increase the coronavirus cases in California unlike the previous reopening.

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