PLA Army Enters Indian Border Disguised Under Chinese COVID Aid to India

The relation between India and China is deteriorating since clashes in eastern Ladakh in June. As it the entire globe is hexed with the current pandemic situation. Amidst this Covid 19 pandemic the rift between India and china is quiet evidently visible, be it related to Ladakh or Covid Aid. With the onset of 2021 there has be two incidents that visibly suggest the Indo-China rift being exaggerated since 2020.

Firstly, there was a minor face-off between the PLA army and the Indian Army in January 2021 and recently China is trying to delay the medical supplies which is being sent to India as Covid 19 Aid. Both the issues point to China trying to carry forward the eastern Ladakh clash and the Indo- China war which took place in June 2020.

The Clash At Naku La in Sikkim.

In January 21 a fresh intrusion by China at Naku La pass in Sikkim led to a violent physical clash between both the PLA and Indian army. As per reports, soldiers from both the sides had suffered a lot of injuries. It was so reported that almost 20 Chinese soldier were fatally injured in the clash were the Indian troops had stopped the PLA patrol army from entering India at the Naku La pass. Quite a few Indian army soldiers were injured as well.

India and China had held the ninth round of military talks regarding deliberations and disengagements of troops from all point of eastern Ladakh after the rift in June 2020. The clash at Naku La took place when the Indian Army obstinate PLA’s fresh intrusion attempt in Sikkim. As the PLA was stopped from advancing to Sikkim by the Indian troops it led to a physical brawl between both the armies.

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Though the clash was later claimed as a minor face-off between the PLA and Indian Army. The incident was resolved by local commanders as per protocols.

Delayed Covid- 19 Aid

The second Covid 19 surge wave in India has left India in great distress. India is under massive shortage of oxygen, drugs and related equipment under Covid 19 surge. As a result of this India has made a major shift its policy in 16 years where India has started accepting gifts, donations and aid from foreign countries in this pandemic situation. Looking forward to procuring oxygen-related equipments and life-saving medicines from China. It is quite evidently declared that India will acquire the help provided by the foreign countries and the Central government won’t come in the way.

Concerning to the current situation in India, there is no way India is looking forward to any kind of rivalry with China at this moment. Until recently China’s state-run Sichuan Airlines suspended the cargo flights to India for 15 days. It is claimed that the flights are suspended due to the sudden change in the epidemic situation, this decision regarding cancelation of flight are to reduce the number of imported cases.

The delaying of cargo flights have resulted to a major disruption to private traders’ efforts to provide with much-needed Covid 19 Aid. It has created a hindrance to quick supplies of oxygen to both the countries in this dire situation. The suspension came as a surprise because the Chinese cargo flights have been operating throughout the pandemic rushing supplies besides the shipping service. The supplies included lucrative mobile equipment and a lot of Chinese exports.

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Whereas, the life-saving supplies, have been delayed for 15 days during these ultimate stressful and vulnerable days in India.

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