Joe Biden Ruining Kamala Harris’ Presidential Prospect by Funneling Illegal Immigrants in US

The President of the US has focused on several issues in the country within his first 100 days in the officer. These issues include tackling the coronavirus, economy, climate, and the immigration. As the president, he handed some important jobs to the vice-president and probably the tough job. He has assigned the vice president Kamala Harris to tackle the migrant influx at the southern border of the country.

The reports suggest that the number of people arriving in the States from the southern border has increased ever since Mr Biden took the office. These numbers include both legal and illegal migrants. Among the immigrant, unaccompanied minors are in huge number, and they are currently held at several detention facilities. Biden’s administration hasn’t treated these minors as the former president’s government.

Donald Trump always had received criticism for his government’s unfair treatment of the undocumented migrants and these minors. However, the President Biden announced in his early days in the office that the government will not return these minors away. Instead, the Biden’s government has revered the former policy and are working to process the minors to place them in the US with sponsoring families.

Biden says Harris is the most qualified person to deal with the issue

Critics have slammed Biden’s administration for leading in the surge in illegal migration. The report from the US Customs office revealed that the authorities have arrested more than 100,000 illegal migrants. Mr Biden said during Harris’s appointment that he believes she is the most qualified person to handle the situation at the border. He mentioned her previous job as California’s attorney general made him believe that she is best for leading the efforts at the southern border.

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Harris in response told that this is an important work, but it will not be an easy job. Biden’s second-in-command said that they first need to understand the root causes happening in the Northern Triangle. However, this task has certainly a political risk for Kamala Harris. Critics commented that Biden is ruining Harris’s future presidential prospect by assigning her a tough job.

Such border issues had been a problem for several presidents in the past. This job has higher risk for her potential future presidential candidate.

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